The Watchtower's Liability Nightmare

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  • metatron

    Many years ago (1970's), there was a small rebellion in Bethel,caused by the indifference
    and heartlessness of Bethel overseers. One item that came up back then was the immediate
    reaction by overseers to a brother getting his hand caught in a bindery machine or a few
    fingers severed:

    "Are we still in production? Is the machine still running?"

    Now, the brother would be taken to the infirmary quickly - but the quick verbal reaction
    in favor of the machine galled a lot of us.

    In this light, I'm not surprized that when Brother Brown is confronted with a disaster by
    elders, he quickly refers to them as untrained volunteers - as if to distance them from
    the Society.

    Nice try - but I think that if they are seen as agents of the Ever-Glorious Watchtower
    Society, CALLING THEM UNTRAINED might make things worse, in the long run. ( "You mean that
    these volunteers act as your agents in delicate and dangerous issues AND YOU DON'T
    TRAIN THEM??!!")

    So, who is an employee or agent of the Watchtower Society?

    Young naive Bethelites, who drive cars?

    Itinerant field inspectors ( C.O's) ?

    Local elders - who are appointed or deleted by the Governing Body/Headquarters?

    Just imagine, for a second, the ENORMOUS POTENTIAL LIABILITY that exists here!
    ANYTHING these people do could end up in court - JUST LIKE A fast food franchise
    whose minimum wage employee hands hot coffee to an older lady ( McDonalds - a 85K
    loss, as I remember).

    Add on the unpopularity and EXPOSED CHILD ENDANGERMENT of this cult and I think disaster
    looms on the horizon. Add, ALSO, the continuing "brain drain" in this religion, as they
    find life difficult running things with uneducated bone-heads ( as shown by many private
    conversations and internal memos).

    The KEY PROBLEM IS CENTRALIZATION! I've said this many times before -
    as long as the Governing Body/Branch Committee INSISTS ON GREEDY DOMINATION AND
    CONTROL OF PEOPLE'S LIVES, they are in big trouble!

    Can they let go of Circuit Overseers? Can they declare local congregations as
    "autonomous"? Can they break the chain of "deep pockets"? Can they "simplify"
    to fend off the errors of simple-minded elders?

    I say no - they are too proud, too arrogant, to release the grip of bony, gnarled,
    greedy fingers around other people's lives and LET GO!

    And that is their dilemma.....

    metatron ( and our cause for rejoicing)

  • TR

    The 'hovah society is indeed between a rock and a hard place. With just a cursory look, it's obvious that HQ calls the shots and tells the locals what to do.

    Any lawsuit filed against the local cong for botched whatever should include the Society. After all, it's every 'hovah's creedo that the WTS is 'hovah's chosen.


  • romansfourteen1to6

    The WTS and its associate corporations maintain power over the elders through power to appoint, discipline and occasionally remove, also power to determine the fate of kingdom hall properties. By court definition, their having such power means they also bear the incumbent responsibilities including major lawsuit payouts for pedophilia etc.

  • Warrigal

    Thanks Romans.. most succinctly put. Lets encourage victims to step up and get their bite of the pie.

  • lulu

    I am given to understand that in Australia all work place accidents must be reported. If the foreman, overseer or owner does not do this, the hospital reports it and then it becomes not only a civil but criminal action.

  • Pistoff

    Metatron, you are wrong.

    The local congregations are NOT guided, controlled or aided by the WTS. The WTS does NOT control or supervise the ministry of jehovahs witnesses. And the elders make all of their decisions on their own, NOT under ANY guidance from NY.

    At least, that is what the society's lawyers are asserting in a very big case I know of. Email me if you want to know more, email is unlocked.

    Can you believe the gall of this bunch?

  • Elsewhere
    The local congregations are NOT guided, controlled or aided by the WTS. The WTS does NOT control or supervise the ministry of jehovahs witnesses. And the elders make all of their decisions on their own, NOT under ANY guidance from NY.

    You have got to be kidding With all of the literature about loyalty to the organization and BOE letters, that should not be too hard to disprove .

  • Stephanus

    True, Elsewhere. It's going to take some very clever legal trickery to destroy the paper trail that leads to Brooklyn. Never stopped them trying to pull the wool before, however!

  • Gerard

    Well, they're either expanding or getting ready to protect their a$$. They are hiring new graduate lawyers straight from university. (Note these lawyers are not even JW, they work as mercenaries for a salary, helping the WT shelter pedophiles.)

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