Why I hate Neo-Nazis so much

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  • SecretSlaveClass

    In the US neo-Nazis/fascists have a very weak voice and for good reason. Firstly, their forefathers fought Nazis and died doing so for good reason. Not only did the Nazi philosophy make no sense, it was determined to reign down death and destruction like this planet had never before witnessed. Your forefathers should be rolling in their graves. I wish there was an after life so they could punch you in the head for dishonoring their valiant efforts in stopping the Nazi war machine. They neos should be ashamed of themselves.

    I have watched countless videos and read a few books on these quasi fascists trying to determine how much of a threat they are to society. I am happy to say as a major threat - zero, zilch nada. But as a threat to individuals who happen to fit their idea of "sub humanity", they are indeed a problem.

    For the most part NN's are just a rag-tag bunch of lost teenagers who have fallen victim to the odd unscrupulous adult, ignorant white male who is looking for followers to hang on his every word like gospel in David Koresh style. These adults feed these young displaced teenagers booze, drugs and lots of ridiculous ideology. The poor teens who more often than not are products of broken homes and domestic violence are in search of male role models and stumble right into the web of these sick white male arachnids.

    they indoctrinate these hapless kids with the fairy-tale myth of the mighty Nazi war machine, presenting it and its leader in all their romantic glory, never bothering to show them the true struggles the average German infantryman faced in day-to-day life.

    They use these kids to smuggle meth across a vast meth network across the US and Mexico and the average tweaker (meth user) has no idea it came from neos - not that it would matter since they would sell their mothers for a two second hit on the pipe. But this is yet another way this ideology is contributing to the ruin of a nation they profess to want to save from the sub-humans.

    Can we please round up these kids, save them from these beer-swilling morons, send them to work in low income areas so they can see that their family situations are not unique and perhaps they can find common ground with other humans and grow their hair, hide their shitty tattoos and integrate into normal society?

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Did you see in Europe a couple of weeks ago that the Neo-Nazi's tried to have a rally and anti-New-Nazi's showed up and beat the crap out of the Nazi's?

    That was classic.

    My father's family fought in WWII and 3 of them fought on D-Day. I have some of the Nazi memorabilia they brought back from the war from the German soldiers they captured.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Mad Irishman:

    I didn't see that but I do follow neo-Nazi development across the globe. Good, I'm glad they got the shit beat out of them. I'm sure you're proud of your da's family, I know I am of mine. Thank goodness for those who will not hide from tyranny!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Can someone confirm this" neo-Nazis as a group have killed more police officers than

    any other hate group or organization.

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