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  • whyhideit

    Your reading a post online this evening, about someone's encounter with what they think is a ghost. You see some photos and cover the account word for word, when suddenly you have a shadow cast from behind you, over the monitor. Something seems to have moved in the room and yet you are the only one in the house. Nothing happens for a minute and you continue on and try to convince yourself that it was something you did not see. Then the door makes a move that makes the hinges squeak in a noise that pierces right to your inner being. You pause, wait for a moment to see if something else will happen, then you go right back to the computer and read some more.

    You can not get your mind off the shadow and noise, but you are telling yourself that you are a victim of an over active imagination. You close the message board and open your e-mails and start to read messages from your friends. Suddenly you get that feeling of every hair on your body standing on end and you get the chill down your spine. You no longer feel alone! The night is here, and shadows beyond the light now seem to make faces and movements in your mind. You close down the computer, tell yourself that you are going to bed and begin to speak out loud. As if the extra noise will some how bring a stability or comical feeling to the moment. You turn every light in the house on and sing songs and act like ever thing is cool. When you find nothing, you go to bed and get under the covers.

    The night seems darker then normal and you feel a little more alone, then you care to be at the moment. Suddenly at the end of your bed a shadow crosses the room quckly, from the door to the corner. Was it a shadow though? You wonder if your mind is just taking what you read to far and now you are paying the price. After all, you did not hear anything. There it is again, only this time it stopped at the foot of your bed and seems to be the silhouette of a cloaked person, and then you blink and it is gone again. The room suddenly feels colder and you swear there is a odd smell in the air, you turn on your lamp and sure enough, you are alone. What is going on, you see movies about ghost all the time and nothing happens. You read books and nothing happens, why did some silly post make you feel different this evening?

    You laugh to yourself and turn the lamp off, and lie back down to sleep. Thump, something hits the wall, or did it? Maybe that was just the house settling. Yes that is it, the house is settling. After all, the day was cold and you kept the heater up high, now it is just making noises to adjust. Thump, there it is again. This time it was from the other room as if something was moved. Oh its that imagination again, you think to yourself, but you can not help but hear every noise now around you. The small bit of wind outside, and the wind chimes of the neighbor in the distance and then you slowly settle down and go to sleep. Hours pass as you sit in your unconscious state, when suddenly you are awaken to the bed shaking and the sound of your name called out. What? You gain your senses and everything is quiet! Damn those message boards, you think to yourself, why did I read something so disturbing before bed. I am so foolish!

    You are having the hardest time getting back to sleep, you look at your clock and the numbers are glowing 3:06 AM. You wish the sun would just rise right now, you feel so much safer in the sun. Only it is at least four hours from rising and lighting up the room with that safe glow you wish was happening right now. You stair up at the ceiling, talking to yourself inside and planning out the next day. Determined to get your mind off the shadows and moments that have occupied your night. In time you are fast to sleep once again.

    You awaken with a jolt, in what seems like minutes later, and feel pressure on your chest like someone is sitting there. You look to the end of the bed and see a man, completely dressed in black, with glowing eyes looking right at you. You try to scream, but you can not speak, you body seems to be awake in the mind only. The rest of your body is numb and you can not feel anything. The figure keeps staring, not moving, just looking right at you. Your mind is in panic. Is it a demon, a ghost, what is it? You can not think, and you feel so out of control. The figure is still there, still staring, piercing your very soul with what seems to be a laughter from beyond this world. You struggle to move, just one finger, just one word, "please just let me move", you tell yourself. Then the alarm sounds, and you awaken to the new day. Your sweating profusely and frightened and then you realize, it must have been a dream. You get up laughing to yourself, and preparing for work. You step into the bathroom and take a shower, and come out and look to the bed and stop in your tracks and stair. The blankets are the way you left them, only you see something you did not see before. The blankets on the other side of the bed are in the exact shape they would be in, if someone was sitting there only moments earlier.

    Isn't the imagination fun?

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  • SYN

    Sounds like a textbook abduction to me!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I think I'd be mainly concerned about why it is I should be scared

  • Mary

    It's generally called Sleep Paralysis when you feel paralyzed, somethings in your room and you have a feeling of terror. I've had this a few times and it scared the living hell out of me until I watched a program on TV describing it.

  • whyhideit

    This is not based on true events. It is just my imagination.

  • rem

    Great story, whyhideit! I love stories that give you that tingle up your spine.


  • outnfree

    I enjoyed your "thriller", too!


  • Shakita

    Maybe the spook just wanted to be friends.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Warrigal

    Happens to me almost every night.....I've got a black cat with glowing golden eyes who is either sitting on my body or knocking things around in the room. Any visiting ghost would be overwhelmed by this pesky feline!

    Great story, Whyhideit

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