Riley is okay.

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  • umbertoecho

    I went looking for Riley last Friday and I found out exactly what I wanted to know. I know it is not policy and all that. I just had this strong feeling that I would find the right "someone" to tell me.

    It was a receptionist (they get locked in their stations when it gets crazy) Those nice thick glass booths just shut down. The other staff just .........hide...

    She recalled me, she must have been watching. She got her friend a triage nurse, an awesomely gay and wonderful looking guy to sneak me in for a chat.

    He was funny and serious and told it all. I don't wish to bore you, but Riley ended up in a normal sort of hospital and was all stitched up again. She had told me she loved her mum and wanted to be with her...She said she trusted her mum. She stayed for a day and a night and her mum took her home..I'm okay with that, for Riley told me she trusted her mum and loved her mum.

    There you go.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I'm grinning for you! 😁👍
  • Heaven
    Excellent! Thank you for the update umbertoecho. I hope Riley can heal.
  • Xanthippe
    I'm really glad that Riley is ok and that you got to find out about her to put your mind at rest. Australia is so different from the UK it amazes me. Here they would have 'sectioned' her, detained her in a psychiatric ward for at least 28 days. Australia seems to be much more forward thinking that the UK as regards mental health. Thanks for sharing this story.
  • Vidiot

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