Dany Heatly gets 4th!!!

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  • Seven

    Yeah Baby!! Scratch my back with a hacksaw!! Dany Heatly scores his fourth goal in today's NHL All Star Game-becomes the youngest All Star player to score a hat trick at 22 yrs of age. He buried his fourth from Jags just a moment ago. Love those young players-Hossa, Thornton and Heatly. The future of hockey is in skilled hands!!

  • Beans

    And he just goat an assist, this is one brilliant talent! Another great Canadian eh!!!


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  • heathen

    What a game !!!! The west clinches in the shoot out. The first in all star history . I love hockey.

  • Gopher

    And... for the winning WESTERN CONFERENCE, the new "fastest skater" skills champion, and the guy who scored one goal and added two assists. Prior to the sudden-death shootout, he almost won the game (hit the side of the net) with 0.1 seconds left... Minnesota Wild third-year forward MARION GABORIK. He's surely one of the game's up and coming superstars.

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