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  • ClassAvenger

    I've always wondered what Jehovah Witnesses think about a friend who is a non-JW. Do they pretend to be good to you from the outside while thinking in their heads that you are "worldly" and that nothing good will come out of the non-JW?

  • Brumm

    No they see them all as potential converts. Thats if they have any none-JW friends, most of us didnt.

    We used to have this saying, it might give you a better perspective of how they thingk...

    "Your worst enemy in "the truth" is better than your best friend in the world"

    They judge anyone as "wordly" even if they dont know them.

  • ClassAvenger

    Oh, I see. So they also consider any other religion worldly, even though they see that you know more and understand the bible better than they can?

  • happysunshine

    Thats correct. A 'good' witness looks at non-witnesses as a different species, not to be messed with. If you have more knowlegde, you're a curiousity- only of value if you can further their work. Of course, a 'week' witness may think differently...

  • GentlyFeral

    ClassAvenger: Yes, exactly -- but they'll deny (privately) that your Bible knowledge is worth a fart in a hurricane -- all "distorted" by centuries of "apostasy," don't you know, and therefore dead wrong.

    Gently Feral

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