How Honest Are You To Yourself?

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    Guest 77

    I have gone through life meeting many people and I have learned a great deal from listening and watching such people. Right now, I'm hooked up with a political acquaintance due to his knowledge and experience in this field but he has this bad habit of streching the truth. He mixes half thruths with full truths. Have you ever come across such a person? How about OURSELVES? Are we honest and truthful with ourselves? I'm not asking anyone to reveal any of their innermost thoughts but just in general, like, do we stretch our stories when we come on this forum? Do we play games with people?

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  • whyhideit

    I think the better question would be, "how honest are we with others?" For we all know the truth inside of us, it is the level at which we let it guide us, that makes our world what it is. As an example, when I was a Witness, the last two years I did not believe a word of it. Yet I was still going to meeting, doing parts and field service. I knew inside what I was, it was the outside that I feared. I once heard it said, that to truly find the honesty of another human is to find argument. Meaning, when you get to the part that is to true and to hard to handle, the other person will deny and argue to keep that personal information inside. Basically, you hit the nail right on the head and they are not ready to drive it through yet. I think it is healthy to find those limits in ourselves, and healthy to find them in others, as it helps to drive us to being more of what we know we are and less fake or "playing at life." To add, no one or anything is really real. Everything is just the illusion you accept it to be.

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    whyhideit, thanks for replying. Romans 2:21 says in part, " you, however the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself?..." "...keep proving what you yourselves are.." 2 Cor.13:5

    When people have inner conflicts and can't solve their own problems, how can they be in position to help others without being a hypocrite or do they take their own advice?

    Do you know how many competitive golfers cheat? Plenty! It is so easy to cheat in golf that it's pathetic. Golfers who are truly honest with themselves will report a situation and get a ruling from the official, others don't. I have reported on many gofers who cheated because they cheated the field, themselves and me, that is NO illusion.

    About that illusion part at the end of your post, how about defining it more.

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  • BluesBrother
    do we stretch our stories when we come on this forum?

    If we do then that would be a deception and a betrayal of the trust that we place in each other as "Skinned and knocked about sheep" . Of course, I am not so naive as to believe that nobody ever does this, but no, I would not stretch the truth for the sake of an entertaining post.

    Have I always been totally honest with my fellow men? No, sadly.

    There was a period when I had first come to realise that the "Truth" was a load of cobblers - but I was an elder conducting the Watchtower and other assignments. There was a time when inertia kept me going, saying what I was supposed to say. After so many years the words and standard cliches rolled out quite easily , but I was not believing it. I can recall standing up and delivering material at the Hall and silently thinking "How can you believe this stuff?"

    I wish I had had the courage to just imediately resign, but I allowed family pressures to allow me to coninue and slowly wind down until there came a point when no one was surprised when I resigned.

    I still have my home life intact . That is my justification for being less than honourable.

  • Shakita

    On a scale of 1 - 10........10 being the most honest.........

    How Honest Are You to Yourself?...............I would put myself around a 9.

    How Honest I am with Others?...................I am about an 8 here, leaving room for some little white lies that seem to creep in once in a while.

    Mrs. Shakita(who tried to be honest when answering this question....)

  • shera

    I am honest as I can be,if I don't want to give out info.I don't respond or just don't add it.

    I don't stretch my stories,why bother doing that.Mabey thats why I'm boring...hehehe

    Honest with my self..sometimes I am my own worst enemy....

  • Scarlet

    I am very honest on this board. I think if you don't have honesty you have nothing. Am I honest with myself now that is another question. I always try to see things better than they are and I tend to get into trouble doing that. I will build something up in my mind and then be disappointed when it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it too. I think that just has to do with the fact I am a perfectionist though.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Interesting Scarlet, in what way are you a perfectionists, and why?

    Guest 77

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