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  • czarofmischief

    This site helps explain some people's reservations about child abuse allegations.


    Why is it so important that incompetent people (ie. the elders) NOT be allowed to be the investigative, judicial, and enforcement arms in these kind of cases? Because even the authorities can pull a wrong confession out of a child, let alone a person without any training in these matters whatsoever, thereby tarring an innocent for life.

    It works the other way, when incompetents do not pursue these matters correctly.


  • SheilaM

    I don't understand the not reporting we have had TOOOOO damn many children in Kansas City, Missouri die within the last two years. Most from abuse and neglect but a few died from sexual abuse<one was a lil baby> The latest sickening case is two children 11 and 12 or so, an author WROTE a book and in it said he didn't turn the Mother and her boyfriend in because he didn't want to trust DFS. So these girls have been raped and God knows what else and seems everyone knew, we have news casts with people that stayed with them saying"Yep I knew" I think if they tried some of these people that did NOTHING maybe it would make people think. The author when confronted claimed he "didn't remember" now the book is a published book????? on library shelves????? He should be in jail for using them for his book and abandoning them.

    When my daughter was in High School a friend of hers told her somethings about her new stepdad. The girl was 16 and being spanked with her panties downbeat with brooms etc. Melanie saw the bruises told me and YES I CALLED the PROPER authorities. I think the girl was being sexually abused too but still not sure about that. All I know is that her Senior year she had NO step dad in the home and was a happy girl again that could have people over.

    Do I feel I overstepped my bounds NO, I am a human being if we don't protect each other than who the hell will. Would I call again YES. I am too selfish of a person I could not live with myself if something happened and I had stood by and did nothing.

    As for the Mother that allowed this to happen, I will never understand I just read "Bastard out of Carolina" if you haven't read it, it is a good read. But the Mother at the end finds her husband raping her daughter and LEAVES THE STATE with him. I thought she would cut his throat, she had a straight razor on her. I was shocked still am shocked that it ended that way. Just so you all know if I walked in and someone was raping anyone's child I would cut them ear to ear Would I go to jail yes, would my life be hell if I didn't kill them YES

    That is one thing my kids always knew, Mommy doesn't like guns, hitting or violence but if someone hurts us she will kill themno questions asked

    <of the passionate about his issue so don't judge me too harshly class>

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  • Seven

    of the passionate about this issue so don't judge me too harshly class.

    Nobody in their right mind would judge you harshly. Thank gawd for you and people like you. The individuals who now claim they knew what was going on in the Missouri case can imo, tell it to the court. Poor excuses for human beings. How conveeeenient for the author that he no longer remembers-liar!


  • SheilaM

    Thanks Seven

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