JW Only Employers

by DwainBowman 4 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DwainBowman
    http://www.getbatsout.com. How many of us former jw's, know of companies that only hire jw's, and no one else? Well the one below, not only hires, just jw's, but only jw's that are, Pioneers, MS's & Elders. I forgot all about this outfit, until I was talking to a former jw in La. He had worked for them for some time, and when he stopped pioneering, they dropped him!
    This is totally against the law, both on state, and federal levels!
  • Autumnation4414
    Interesting that JWs work to get pests out of homes. . . Now if only there was a company that could get JW pests out of homes.
  • BluesBrother

    Interesting... In U k bats are protected by law. It is illegal to disturb or remove them.

    Also, we use the expression "bats" or "batty" for someone who is ,ahem, mentally challenged!

    Seems they are using "batty" people to remove their namesakes......

  • freddo
    They could go to Brooklyn where they've got "bats in the belfry".
  • tiki
    Yeah...I know of one jw privately owned Corp....they hire a handful of non-dubs to keep it looking legit...and they don't fire df'ed or da'ed ones but they don't stay long given the hostile working environment. I have heard tell that the owner and his minions base salaries on their personal perception of what the person "needs" and not the value of their skill set or position in the biz.

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