Does the US talk too much?

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  • JH

    Since over a year, the president of the US is talking about war in Iraq. And when we watch CNN or programs like Meet the Press, I find that they give too much information to the enemy. They say how the US will attack Iraq. They say where the soldiers will be, and where they will be positioned etc etc etc. All the enemy has to do is listen to CNN and he will know what the US is up to. They even tell Saddam our weaknesses. How stupid do you have to be to tell the enemy your weaknesses?

    Do you feel as if the Americans talk too much?

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  • czarofmischief

    Sometimes, probably.

    However, it's not going to do Saddam much good to know that two armored divisions are coming across the desert - he can't stop them. And what good is it if he knows that the B3 bombers take off in Missouri? they'll still tear his ass apart.



  • Francois

    Could be they're giving this information you reference for the purpose of scaring the bejesus out of the enemy. Could be the information is really dis-information. Could be it's psychological warfare, sort of theological warfare in reverse. No tellin'

    I notice that Saddam "Mother of All Battles" Hussein is back at his same old stand, predicting that his Republican Guard is going to come out swinging and the allied forces are going to limp off the battlefield with a new respect for the sand warriors.

    I can see it now. The allied forces with all their smart weapons developed in the last ten years are going to turn tail and run from the Republican Sand Guards and all their new AK-47 assault rifles. This is the same bunch that is on record as the only force on the planet that can and does surrender faster than the French, and that's saying something.

    If we do indeed attack Saddam and his sand forces, I predict the entire magilla will be over in two weeks, if that. What I think will really happen is that Saddam and the elite of his henchmen class will elect to quietly go off into a gilt-edged exile with the billions of dollars they've skimmed off the top over the last thirty years and live the life to which they would so like to become accustomed; a chalet in Switzerland, say, or a Dachau in Russia, or something very like that.

    Face it, Iraq doesn't stand a snowball's chance against the might and advanced technology, much less the determination of the allied soldier; that soldier who knows that he has the right on his side. There's no soldier stronger than the one who has the moral force with him. That's why Saddam is going to loose.

    That's why the WTBTS and its house of cards will eventually fall, because it's basically evil.


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