Could it ever happen?

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  • freedom96

    Could it ever happen that every time a witness came to a door, they would get blasted?

    It always has been, that the person at the door would say they are not interested. Some are nice about it, others mean. Still others will listen, but as we know, the overwhelmingly majority never end up having anything to do with the witnesses.

    But now, there are so many reports in the media about the witnesses and their cover ups of pediphiles, etc. Some report about the harsh df'ing policies.

    I am wondering, could so many people find out about the crap actually going on with witnesses, that literally when they go to the door, there isn't a simple, not interested, they get blasted? I mean, every time!

    Wouldn't that start to get to some of them??

    Wouldn't that be glorious?


    Hey freedom96,there are some doors dubs go to and the home owner blasts them every time..I know thats not exactly what you had in mind but it`s close,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • DevonMcBride


    I've thought of this many times and even tried to do this. We picked one area where the witnesses are heavily into and sent letters to the public (non-JW's) briefly educating them on the WT shananigans and included web sites for more information and questions to ask them. So far, we mailed/delivered over 1400 letters. Even if only one JW gets blasted from these letters, it's worth it.

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