"Change Is Inevitable"

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  • DevilsAdvocate_DA

    "Change Is Inevitable"

    ...Make it Your Friend

    Some say opportunity knocks only once. That is not true.
    Opportunity knocks all the time, but we have to be ready for

    Learn form the mistakes of others...we can't live long
    enough to make them all ourselves.

    Pure and simple, our actions determine our future. This
    statemant is accurate, precise, and encouraging if we're
    taking the right actions. Our future is determined by the
    actions we take day after day. Our actions equal our future.
    Positive actions equal a positive future. Do the right thing.
    Do the honest thingl Work hard. Play smart. Study. Love.
    Help others. These types of actions taken on a consistent
    basis will assure a bright and promising future.

    Tomorrow is Payday for WHAT we do today.

    Don't Worry about What We Can't Control.
    (Like the direction the WBTS has been taking for the past 20 years.)

    It is important to listen carrefully to what other people say.
    However, if we need to make an evaluation, it is much more
    important to watch WHAT they do.

    Jehovah God lends a helping hand to the one's who tries hard.



  • bnybyt

    Sometimes I'm quite annoyed by over positive thinking.

    Am I too negatively disposed that I prefer to not try hard?

    Politically speaking 'change happens' just like 'having to go potty'.

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