Kingdom songs?

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  • marsal

    Does anyone know where I can find the words to any current Kingdom songs? It has been several years since I have been DF'd and I forgot what the songs were like. I have read several posts by ex jws that state how dreary the songs were. I would like to compare the wording of Kingdom songs to the wording of mainline Christian worship songs.

  • ISP

    You could do with getting hold of an old song book. I think the songs are on the cd-rom also.


  • razorMind

    I could sing some now for you, if you'd like, since I know some of them by heart (LOL!)

    All together now...

    "We must have the faith that the Bible does provide,

    We must build such faith if God's war we would survive,

    (forgot this part) accompanied by works,

    This kind of faith preserves our souls (forgot this part)!!!"

    Sad and scary, I know.

  • nilfun
    (forgot this part) accompanied by works,


    Do we have the faith accompanied by works.

    This kind of faith preserves our souls alive

    That's scary cos I was just thinking about that one yesterday...

    On many occasions god spoke long ago

    By means of his prophets on earth here below

    But lastly he spoke by his heavenly son

    By paying attention our safety is won....

    We must have the faith...blah blah blah

    Sorry, no more lyrics for ya, but here's some midis I'm sure you will enjoy listening to:

    Your Entertainment Spot

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  • marsal

    ISP - Thank you for the information.

    razormind and nilfun - Thank you for posting those "lyrics". Oh, they really are dreary! There is no sense of joy that are in Christian worship songs.

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