My Sisters response to the 5th (she is a victim)

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    As some of you may know my sister was abused by an elder when she was young.

    I had watched the Dateline show with her and since then she has talked about it with me openly and I let her know about the 5th estate show and she watched it and this is what she had to say.

    "It did make JW's look bad, at least these particular men did pay some price, according to the law."

    "I don't think the show was intended to make any JW's look good though."

    Now these are typical JW answers!!! I also sent Quotes these statements and he had some very interesting things to say like............

    For example, as to "I don't think the show was intended to make any JW's
    look good though" she is implying that the CBC has an overall ulterior
    motive, an agenda against all JWs. Your sister's belief here (which fits
    with typical JW "persecution complex"). Ask her if she feels that the
    5th Estate stories about Roman Catholic Priest molesters was intended to
    "make all Catholics look bad". Of course, the sensible answer is "NO",
    because the CBC doesn't, and indeed *CAN'T* under both Canadian law and
    their the CBC's charter, carry out campaigns of hate or bias against any
    particular organization. Rather, the simple fact is, they did the story
    because, like the Priests in the Mount Cachill Orphanage, their
    investigators uncovered a problem which needs exposure in order to
    achieve correction.

    Also, she misunderstands "It did make JW's look bad". She should
    remember that the victims were not made to "look bad", and as a victim
    it is important that she remember this. Also, what was made to look bad,
    over and over and over, was the Watchtower *POLICIES* which create these
    problems. The show mentioned the problem with the *POLICIES* over and
    over again. Of course, as a Dub, she will have a hard time
    distinguishing between "criticism of Watchtower policies" and criticism
    of JWs" so I'm not surprised by her reaction.

    No, the problem are the WT policies, and the statement "We have a very
    strong policy against child molesters" is not backed up by strong

    Remind your sister of other lies J.R. Brown has made to the media (flag
    salute, past predictions, etc) at

    I have the transcript
    as well as the real audio

    In my reply e-mail I tried to make it clear that it was about a POLICY!!!


  • fjtoth
  • fjtoth


    I read your post and the link . . . very disturbing . . . I'm sooooo sorry to hear this about your sister. . .

    guess my Dad believes in his repentance and forgave him (he`s just as bad).Now if someone touched my daughter I would not forgive the bastard and kick the living crap out of the bastard and every time I saw him give it to him again! Now after reading (The Secret Book) this idiot should have been disfellowshiped,what were they thinking and did he change his story and they believed him,and now this sick f!!k is still in this hall looking at young girls ,would you want to go to this hall? This is a great example how sick these people are! Harbouring these people and trying to deal with matters themselves and covering up any issues which may disrupt there cult!

    Incredible to me that a father would choose to believe a pedophile over his own flesh and blood daughter --- very disturbing to think how deeply inculcated the cult teachings impact an individual --- as far as loyalty to the organization. Like flesh and blood is nothing. Loved ones are nothing. Only the organization is our mother or our daughter or whoever. Loyalty to the org over all else. That explains a lot about why jws --- and even some exjws --- are so callous to one another at times. Part of the lovelessness to fellow man that the organization teaches. Very difficult to comprehend.

    Must learn to love all over again. Sad . . .

    WT policies, and the statement "We have a very
    strong policy against child molesters" is not backed up by strong

    Part of the WT doubletalk about love.

    Much love,


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