Pedophile Priest/Clergy and Effects on Society

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    Catholic Pedophile Priests:
    The Effect on U.S. Society

    By Tom Economus


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    Current estimates of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S.= 49,000 to 50,000

    Estimates of pedophile priests = 3,000 (6.1%) to 8,000 (16.3%)

    188 Dioceses in the U.S. Divide 3,000 by 188 = 16 perpetrators per diocese
    Divide 8,000 by 188 = 42 perpetrators per diocese

    Current experts claim a pedophile could abuse 200-265 children in a lifetime.
    200 x 16 perps/diocese = 3,200 victims/diocese
    200 x 42 perps/diocese = 8,400 victims/diocese
    3,200 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses = 601,600 victims in U.S.
    8,400 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses = 1,579,200 victims in U.S.

    Average American family consists of 4-6 people
    (3,200 victims/diocese) 601,600 victims x 4 family members = 2,406,400 indirect victims
    60l,000 victims x 6 family members = 3,609,600 indirect victims
    (8,400 victims/diocese) 1,579,200 x 4 family members = 6,316,800 indirect victims
    1,579,200 x 6 family members = 9,475,200 indirect victims

    These numbers are a reflection of immediate family only and do not reflect the indirect victims within the parishes that are affected.

    188 Bishops are responsible for the pain of at least 601,600 direct victims and as many as 9,475,200 indirect victims a total of as many as 10,076,800 people. Clearly, something is wrong.

    Additional information:

    Using the lower numbers the number of direct victims and survivors alone could populate a city larger than Boston. Using the higher numbers, it would be the fourth largest city in the U.S. one between the size of Houston and Chicago.


    : These figures were compiled by the late Linkup president from many sources, and unfortunately, he did not cite all of them. The number of dioceses and priests in the country are widely known. The percentage that are pedophile priests remains controversial; AW Richard Sipe, one of the leading experts, estimates around 6%.

    Four in 10 US Catholic nuns report having experienced sexual abuse

    , (a rate equivalent to that reported by American women in general), a study by Catholic researchers supported by major religious orders, has found. The study found that sisters have known sexual abuse less in childhood, dispelling what the authors call an "anti-Catholic" canard that girls fled to convents to escape sexual advances. During religious life, close to 30% of the nation's 85,000 nuns experienced "sexual trauma," ranging from rape to exploitation to harassment. A total of 40% reported a least one experience of that kind. NCR, 1/15/99
    The Nuns' Stories <nuns.html>

    for more information.

    The Wisconsin Psychological Association's survey found offenders distributed among the following professions: Psychiatrists 34%, Psychologists 19%, Social Workers 13%, Clergy 11%, Physicians 6%, Marriage Counselors 4%, and Others 14%.

    The Center for Domestic Violence found that 12.6% of clergy said they had sex with church members. 47% of clergy women were harassed by clergy colleagues.

    The Presbyterian Church stated that 10-23% of clergy have "inappropriate sexual behavior or contact" with clergy and employees.

    The United Methodist research (1990) showed 38.6% of Ministers had sexual contact with church members and that 77% of church workers experienced some type of sexual harassment.

    The United Church of Christ found that 48% of the women in the work place have been sexually harassed by male clergy.

    The Southern Baptists claim 14.1% of their clergy have sexually abused members.

    In the Roman Catholic Church there are over 800 priests that have been removed from ministry as a result of allegations against them. We also know of 1,400 insurance claims on the books and that the Church has paid out over $1 billion in liability with an estimated $500 million pending. One noted expert claims that there are over 5,000 priests with some type of allegation against them. If this is true, then there are at least 1,000,000 direct victims of clergy sexual abuse and between 4-6 million indirect victims in the U.S.

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  • Francois

    AND NOT ONLY THAT BUT...People abused as children tend to pass it on to their children who pass it on to their children and any other children they can get their hands on. This not only ruins the lives of these children, but ruins the lives of the mothers of these children - caught up in a situation they don't understand and had no reason to suspect.

    And since child sex abuse is usually perpetrated by a trusted family member or friend, then as a grandfather, uncle, cousin, name it, so many, many others become sucked into the malestrom of this crippling phenomena.

    You know, you can be robbed and eventually get over it. You can have your car stolen and eventually get over it. You can be worked over by a con artist and eventually get over it. You can have virtually any money crime perpetrated on you and eventually get over it. Crimes of violence are harder to get over, but usually a person can over time get over crimes of violence. However, SEX CRIMES ARE CRIMES THAT KEEP ON GIVING. They keep on giving over a lifetime and pull in people as does an octopus with its eight-armed reach.

    The harm done by sex crimes spreads in exponential fashion and harms the very fabric of society like no other crime can do. It is a crime that spreads like spilled sewage. And people who have seen this harm that sexual predation does up close and personal can attest to this sorry fact.

    It is time that society - which has a right to protect itself - reconsider the nature and effect of sex crimes upon itself. It is time that society take into consideration the warning given by the sexual predators themselves, that is: "Don't ever let me out. If you let me out, I will find another victim as soon as I can." It is time we listened to the perpetrators of these crimes. It is time we took into consideration the fact that the general prison population will not tolerate a sexual criminal in their midst. Oh, a rapist is OK. A child sex abuser is anathema and must be kept separate from the general population, or he will be killed.


    I know that many are against capital punishment. I am not in favor, however, of housing at great expense a man or woman guilty of this heinous crime for decades. If the person is convicted with the aid of DNA evidence - then off with their heads.

    We are allowing this type of crime and criminal to eat out the substance and spirit of our last, best hope for the future of our planet - our children. We MUST protect them. And this is as good a place as any to begin.

    francois the laconic

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello SevenofNine,

    thanks for the information..!

    It's quite astoninshing...with all its implications

    on the past, present and future of all the victims.

    I wonder if we'll get similar news about the WTBS Inc.

    Francois: excellent comments.

    These two are really...

    1) "The harm done by sex crimes spreads in exponential fashion and harms the very fabric of society like no other crime can do. It is a crime that spreads like spilled sewage."


    Maybe, even that will not be enough for some.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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