M11 / A14 @ standstill , UK transport a joke

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  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Hey guys

    I was due to go on holiday to Italy on friday , my flight was at 7:20am from Stanstead Airport

    We decided to set off at 12:00 in the morning to beat the rush etc , we travelled from the midlands

    As you probably saw on the news , It was completely gridlocked and we had to spend the whole night in our car , absolutely freezing to death and dying to go toilet !!! Aggggghhhhh !!!

    We stopped moving at around 3am , and we were at a complete standstill until 9:30 . We finally started to move , but up until 3pm we were in real slow moving traffic. We finally got to the airport at around 4pm , only to see that all flights were being cancelled and there was absolutly no chance of being able to fly out in the next 48 hours.

    At this point we travelled all the way back from Stanstead and arrived home . It was an absolute Journey From Hell ... and my heart goes out to anybody who had to put up with the same thing.

    All this because the authorities were so USELESS ; so inaffective. The roads were not being gritted , the police were nowhere to be seen , and the lack of diversion skills were beyond a joke. If this is how Britain reacts to some snowfall , how the hell are we supposed to cope with a terrorist attack , let alone go to war with Iraq. If this is how incompetant our authorities are at handling a slight disaster , what is the point of tackling issues like that of Iraq.

    Tony Blair is the most useless , blind fool Britain has ever had as prime minister. Instead of sucking President Bush's COCK , sort out this country ;- a country that used to be great but has now gone completely to the dogs.

    Education , Transportation and Health are 3 things that he PROMISED he would sort out . He has fulfilled none , they are all a complete joke and laughing stock to the rest of the world.

    While being stuck in traffic , I heard on the radio that police had answered 1000 emergancy calls . I felt like calling 999 and stating that my tax disc on my car had expired. That way I am sure the police would have surrounded my car , even maybe with helicopters (lol) to escort me to the comforts of the nearest police station. Or maybe I should have said that I had a vehical full of Asylum seekers , no doubt then the police would have escorted us all to the safety of a large B&B or a stately house .

    I'm going to claim political Asylum , maybe then Id get treated better by this CRAP government.

  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle


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