((((FLASH)))) found out ELDER works at U.N. 25 yrs

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  • nojw86

    I was speaking with Java and he related how some who are "floor cleaners" working for a religious org. are dfsp for making a living there, and there is this elder who is working for the United Nations for 25 yrs and still is an elder in good standing . PERQUE? WHY ?tHE DOUBLE STANDARD AGAIN.

  • ajw

    new light of course.

    The UN dogma was always way off the level.

    Andrew of the "we never said" class.

  • SanFranciscoJim

    This doesn't surprise me one iota.
    I used to correspond privately with a woman whose husband was disfellowshipped for refusing to resign his position as a longshoreman at a west coast seaport. The elders told him to quit his high-paying union job because, according to their convoluted logic, he was assisting the U.S. military by loading government shipments aboard vessels. Had this body of elders done a little investigating, they would have discovered that the WTBTS regularly books shipments of literature, printing presses, and personal effects of missionaries aboard oceangoing vessels. Their goods not only travel aboard the same vessels as military shipments, but are sometimes consolidated inside the same containers!!
    How do I know this? I used to work for the company which the WTBTS booked these shipments with, and I took all of their bookings over the phone. Little did those unsuspecting Bethelites know who they were talking to when they called me!

  • nojw86

    HI SANFRANCISCO JIM. all I can say haaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa

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