Letting Go

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  • KungFu

    Hi Everyone!!

    How's life in X-JW hell?? hahahahahaha. I left 'the bullsh!t' almost one year ago and I know how crazy the road out can be. When you leave the J.W.'s they put the "funk" in dysfunctional. I've replied a handful of times to threads and posts here, but usually try to avoid spending too much time dwelling on the past.....Even though I say this, I've found myself in a deep depression a lot of times. I realize the source of it though. Basically, when you go through the wave of emotions involved in leaving the JW's (emotions involved even before leaving, such as discovering that everything you were taught is a lie) there is residual emotional poison. Anyway, I'm not here to bring up any specific J.W. issues. Plenty of you have done that already. This post is about learning to let go of the past. And occasionally I'll post what I find works for me and share it with the rest of you who are dealing with the same emotional poison I'm dealing with.

    Here's a meditation that may help. Imagine that you were just born today, the same age that you are, but you were born blank. Every night when going to sleep, imagine your sleep as your death, and when you awaken each morning, imagine that as your rebirth......and each rebirth as being born blank, completely fresh. Now, this meditation serves 2 purposes. First, it allows us to not let the past define where we are going, since any past attachment is a limitation. If we look at the past as some big obstacle to overcome, we're putting limitations on ourselves by letting our past define ourselves. Second, it's a reminder to us that we need to live each day fully, as if it was our last day on earth. If you were told you had 24 hours left to live, you would cherish every breath and let go of any inhibitions and do all of the things you wanted to do. By practicing the art of dieing, we learn the art of living. Death is coming for each of us and the Earth doesn't have any permanent tenants. That shouldn't scare us though. We all come from the same Source. And returning to that Source is peaceful :)


  • bikerchic

    Welcome KungFu! It's nice to have you here!

    Letting go is a long process, but well worth all the effort! Glad to hear you are on the journey to getting a happy purposeful life.


  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond



    Thank you for your suggestions on letting go. I agree with you 100%. We can't move forward if we continue to go backwards. Too many people tend to hold on to the past and it becomes their eternal hell. Some want to desperately let go, but just do not know how. Personally, I strive to find peace in my life and I will continue to pave the way so I can have peace and happiness. Peace and happiness does not just happen......we individually have to make it happen.


  • DanTheMan

    Thanks for that, it is appreciated. And welcome to the board!


    Welcome Kung Fu.

    I like your mention of the JWs putting the 'funk' in dysfunctional, that was great .

    Again, 'WELCOME' to the forum. From reading your post, I am confident that you'll be a very well adjusted and sane XJW before you know it, if not already.

    Nice to see persons such as yourself, sharing a bit with us, and hopefully contributing as well. Take care, and so good to see you.

  • KungFu

    Thanks Guys!!

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