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  • peacefulpete

    According to Judges 10:3,4 a mannamed Jair judged Isrel. He kept his women busy. It says he had thirty sons (apparently no daughters) who rode thirty asses (a bit odd detail) who had thirty cities. Pretty impressive until Judge Ibzan comes along and has thirty sons AND thirty daughters. He then finds thirty daughters from another family to marry his thirty sons who are apparently all approximately the same age in a mass marriage. Judges 12:8,9 Then guess what along comes Abdon who has forty sons but thirty grandsons who rode seventy asses (a bit odd detail) Apparently Abdons forty sons were not the men Pop was as they only mustered up 3/4 son each. 12:13,14 **** Does this sound like history or male bragging?

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    LOL does sound a bit like bragging but back then this would have showed how much

    J-H-V-H supported them.

    At least in their eyes. Since it is in the bible maybe even true.

    As for the odd detail of how many assthat would be like saying how many cars in your garage today. So yes more male bragging not really about the material though as much as about the spiritual backing they had from G-D

    Thanx for sharing this I got a good laugh!

    Ciao 4 now,


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