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    I took the time this evening to come up with a word-for-word transcript of various telling quotes from the Fifth Estate - Spiritual Shepherds show. There were so many many more, but here are some highlights as follows...

    Bob McKeown, host & narrator

    "what they found there was worse than no help at all" - Bob McKeown, narrator

    "And because Paul Barry denied it, as far as the church was concerned, that was that."

    "Jehovah's Witnesses see the outside world as the domain of Satan."

    "leave it for Jehovah, he will bring it out" - WT legal dept. on Bill Bowen's tape

    Hollie Brewer

    "I learned how to be a big person immediately"

    "Growing up in our home -- it was like a fire"

    Sarah Brewer (mother)

    "If you were a mother, would you go to Saddam Hussein for help?"

    "You need to understand that anybody outside the auspices of the Kingdom Hall is evil..."

    "I had no social supports whatsoever..."

    Detective Jack Zellar, Keane, New Hampshire

    "As a church, as an institution: Shame on you!!! You should be utterly ashamed!"

    "One two three four - no more pedophiles at my door" - Silentlambs March - September 27, 2002 at Brooklyn Headquarters.

    WT Spokesman at Brooklyn on tape: JR BROWN (refused to be interviewed)

    "We've heard the suggestion that our policies may not be adequate to cover the problem of child molestation -- but that's not the case at all...We have a

    very agressive policy to handle child molestation in the congregations...and it is primarily designed to protect our children"

    Listen to this smooth-talker here! JR Brown, the WTS PR Department, whom we've all grown to love! I've put this treat on .mp3 for all who close their ears first!

    WT Canada Bethel Elder in Legal Dept. (not identified)

    "It really wouldn't enter the mind of anyone serving at Bethel to do that [to pick up the phone and call the authorities]...because that would be completely going against God's organization; there would be an act of rebellion, there would be an act of independent thought, all things which are discouraged by the Jehovah's Witnesses."

    "But when you take it from the mental outlook of these men who feel that they are God's representatives, they are responsible --so they view everything as a sin, and if it's a sin -- then they can fix it."

    "Two instances -- is a tidal wave in my opinion. How many does it take before it becomes a problem? The fact is that there are pedophiles walking through the halls of the kingdom halls. There are pedophiles going door to door in communities across Canada. Even if somebody has been convicted -- served time as a child rapist -- they are told they have to go out in the door to door ministry and knock on people's doors on Saturday morning or Sunday morning."

    Mike Moss

    "You go to the elders, they take care of do not go outside of the organization and they'll tell you -- and they'll swear up and down to you that that's not true -- but you ask anybody that has been victimized by them people, it is the truth!"

    Bill Bowen

    "The primary goal of the Watchtower Society when it comes to child abuse is to protect themselves legally -- to prevent themselves from being sued. The secondary goal is to protect the image of the organization. The third goal is to protect child molestors -- and the fourth goal is the child."

    Vicky Boer

    "The second they told me how they were going to deal with it and I had to confront my father and that there had to be these judicial committees -- I wanted to die!"

    "People in the congregation didn't believe me, people stopped talking to me -- and at one point when it got so bad, I had to leave."

    "They need to keep their congregation clean -- they don't care that you're gone: in fact you're just a blemish -- you know -- you're that little piece of mold in the bread that will spread to everyone else, so with you gone everyone else will stay clean."

    "But the church was supposed to be a safe haven for me, it was supposed to a place for me to go -- cause I had nowhere else to go, you're not allowed to go anywhere else -- it's supposed to be safe, it's not supposed to tear you apart!"

    "Man, I've spent so many years crying -- I don't think I have any tears left." - Holly Brewer

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  • Scully

    I have to agree that those were probably the most powerful statements in the whole show.

    It's just too bad we can't make a .wav or .mp3 file of JR BROWN's smarmy slimy syrupy voice in that pre-recorded video statement on the WTS's child molestation policy. It shows him to be the snivelling coward that he is.... he is a GROWN MAN and he won't face a reporter and answer questions about the very policy that forces sexually abused children to face their abuser in front of three elders in a judicial committee and answer detailed, probing questions.

    Does anyone else see the irony in that?? Does anyone else wonder what would happen in an abuse case if a sexually abused child submitted a videotaped statement to the body of elders and refused to answer their probing detailed questions, the same way JR BROWN refuses to answer the probing detailed questions of the media??

    Love, Scully

  • heathen

    Wish I woulda caught the show but there was a hockey game on and I do catch quite a bit of stuff just visiting this site .

  • reporter

    Thank you, Scully. That reminded me of who that PR scumbag was...JR I'll go in and edit that...!

    And, just for you, you can hear JR Brown's lying smarmy syrupy slippery voice here!!!

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  • UnDisfellowshipped

    WOW Reporter -- Just WOW!

    THANKS BIG TIME for posting those Quotes!!!!!

    I'm gonna add them to my HUGE List of News Stories about the JW Pedophile Cover-Up.


  • Seven

    "Holly's stepfather will die behind bars."-Bob McKeown Sweet justice.

  • xjw_b12

    Reporter. Good job ! Thank you for that typed replay. You have been here a short time but have taken the site by storm !

    email me fellow canuck

    Millions Now living........ Will Never..........Know !

  • reporter

    actually, I changed my handle back in Dec. 2002, after being sunscapes for about a year. My history goes all the way back to near the beginnings of the old H20 board.

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