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  • reporter

    I've taken the liberty to send Simon the low-bandwidth version of the file, which he has kindly hosted. If anybody wishes to host them, I have two more files, one 55 megs and the other 156 megs, which are of increasingly levels of quality, it would be a great help to those who wand "broadband" video quality. If any have suggestions for good (or cheap), or even temporary FTP sites to use, please post them here on this thread.

  • Valis

    I also have the smaller in video size version that's 13 megs here that I think Jourles first posted here.


    District Overbeer

  • RevMalk

    I have all sorts of space you can use, email me.

  • wednesday

    I am so grateful to everyone who has put this file up for viewing. i was able to send links to my non jws family and they very much appreciated it. I also sent links to a number of mailing lists i'm on-several have several thousand people on the list. I got permission from the list owneres to post the link . all were grateful for the info.

    I tried to send this file out myself, but aol said it was too large to get through the gateway(whatever that means) this was the low bandwidth file too.I have a winzip program-how would i go about zipping this file?

  • RevMalk


    I think even zipping it you'll be way too big for email. You can find it here if you need a link to it, but apparently you have it already. You can send that link to whoever you need to, and they can download it by right clicking and then clicking "Save Target as".

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