Trying to get John Olver's attention, re: Australian Royal Commission

by Captain Schmideo2 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    Knowing that Last Week, Tonight, is becoming the hottest topical show in the US, I thought I would try to point his show's attention toward the Royal Commision.

    The only way I could figure out how was to post to the HBO discussion board that is specific to the show. Here is the link to my comments:

  • umbertoecho
    Good move Captain. I went to the site and read your' post, gave it the thumbs up and will return there later.
  • FreeGirl2006
    I totally agree--I was thinking of sending an email.
  • Scully

    John Oliver is taking a break until next Sunday's show, September 13.

    There are quite a lot of comedic gems he could glean from the Royal Commission... we can only hope!

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