Awesome Way to Stop JW Family from Donating

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  • Stumpy

    So Mrs Stumpy's mother is still in. We feel it would not be in her best interest to wake her up at her late stage in life. She has a good little circle of friends that look after each other and keep her busy and out of meddling in our lives too much.

    A few weeks ago the subject of money came up.

    Mrs Stumpy asked her how much she was donating each month. For an elderly lady on a pension it was a significant amount. Like a lot of elderly ones, she is asset rich but cash poor. As we suspected, she would scrimp and save in other areas so she could faithfully donate to "Jehovah" each month.

    So Mrs Stumpy proceeds to tell her mum that she has been a good mother and provided for her children well over her life, but now it's her turn to be looked after... that we are doing well financially and so from now on we will add her donation to ours when we put it in.

    Initially she hesitated saying that wouldn't be right.

    But Mrs Stumpy asked her if the donations she made when they were little kids, and had no money of their own, were from just her or from the whole family? She said of course they were from the whole family! So then that's exactly the same with this... it doesn't matter where it comes from, as long as the family unit is donating. Her mum agreed. She was extremely appreciative and instantly said how difficult it has been some months and how guilty she used to feel. Now she has quite a bit extra to spend on herself each month

    Man I love my wife and how she thinks.

    So take that WTS... no more donations from her to fill your coffers!!!

  • Scully

    Hopefully, the amount you and Mrs Stumpy are donating is ZERO.

    Seriously, the WTS doesn't effing need money from elderly widows, or anyone else for that matter.

  • Stumpy

    Oh yeah, a big fat ZERO for at least the last 5 years. As I wrote in another thread...

    ...we haven't donated a cent to the org for at least 5 years. When we were in some of our assignments we witnessed a horrible amount of waste of donated funds by certain missionaries and bethelites. So we decided to give that money directly to needy families instead. One jackass missionary in particular made sure he spent every cent of the home funds every single month, regardless of whether they needed to or not. They lived like kings. Yet in his cong there were very poor families struggling to pay for medication for their sick kids, let alone 2 meals a day and they were guilted by him almost every service meeting into donating more and more. Makes me mad just thinking about it!

  • prologos
    additionally you can point out it benefits the family financially because for you, the donation is tax -deductible for her low income figures,-- it does not matter. anti-theo warfare at it's best: get even time.
  • kaik
    My mom is donating every freaking week, or every time she goes to program. All the time. She had to donate thousand dollars over these years. She used to donate more, but she told me last month that she put $5 equivalent now, but used to put $20 every month. Elderette at her KH told her that my mom is stingy that she could afford to donate more because my mom own her house and she does not pay rent or mortgage.! I wish she would stop donating, but I do not control her finances.

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