The Christian God is Stupid

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  • berrygerry

    I do not clearly understand mainstream Christian ideology, but I think that WT is a variation thereof.

    WT teaches that God made Adam and Eve perfect, but that another one of God's perfect creatures, tricked Eve into disobedience, thereby condemning Adam, Eve, and all of their offspring into a life of misery as a result. This is because Satan out-thought God, and essentially cornered God into this "legal challenge" that God had never foreseen.

    That, to me, is one stupid God.

  • vinman

    Isaiah, 55:8 - "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says Yahweh."

    Isaiah, 55:9 - "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

  • erbie

    I agree berrygerry. I do not believe in the gods, they are a primitive human construct that does nothing more than create conflict in the modern, sophisticated mind of evolved humans.

    Nevertheless, let us presume for one moment that they do exist;

    They must hate humans to the extreme!

    Why would you go to the trouble of creating life only to want to destroy it?

    Once they start destroying their own creation (life), they have already lost and the devil has won.

    An omnipotent, all knowing god could not possibly create a world such as this with so much chaos, suffering and injustice because of one person eating an apple, or whatever the hell it was - pear? Mango?

    People who believe in such nonsense really haven't though it through.

    Seriously people, if the Christian or Muslim god did exist, are they the kind of people you would want to associate with??


    I sincerely hope that no such wicked, cruel and hateful megalomaniacal being exists anywhere in our universe.

    No one with that much twisted hatred should have that much power and if they do, we are in big trouble.

  • galaxie
    The so called 'christian god ' as generated by the minds of ancient tribal people is a conceptual construct of both good and bad reflecting the behaviour of humans . The 'god' figure as described in ancient writings such as the genesis account was both the 'good' and 'bad' . The test of obedience (eating of fruit ) given to gods first creations would be futile if god himself ( the originator of the test) had not allowed for the testing to proceed, therefore my conclusion is it had to be god himself who played the tempter. The first creations are said to have not known evil although god is recorded as knowing both good and evil therefore any creature originating from god , so called spirit form or human who became evil could only have learned or used bad or evil because it existed as part of god if it is to be believed 'he'is the origin of everything. My conclusion is that ancient mans concept of god is merely a reflection of the human traits of good and bad played out on a grand mythical scale to offer an explanation of why we and all around us exist. Thankfully for me we live in enlightened times and personally do not require to base my life and existence on the myths of ancient ignorant people.
  • Bonsai
    If god is stupid, then perfect humans are stupid as well. Remember that PERFECT humans rebelled against god. PERFECT angels rebelled against god. Therefore this one sovereignty issue will solve nothing. As long as spirit creatures and humans exist, there will always be a faction of them that want more power and will challenge the existing authority. Any paradise built will inevitable be disrupted by rebellion. Those who never lived to know Satan or Adam will repeat their mistakes.
  • Heaven

    I often get confused about who the real Christian God is. Sometimes it appears to be Yahweh, other times Jesus. It seems to me, that Christianity is actually polytheistic.

    Regardless, over time, our increasing knowledge of the cosmos has invalidated much of the 'information' about the cosmos found in the Bible. This supports your statement, berrygerry, that the Christian God is stupid. Of course, knowing what we do know now, many of us have concluded that 'God' is, as erbie and galaxie have said, a construct of the ancient Middle Eastern desert dwellers' imaginations.

    Whatever the reasons Constantine and his merry band of men had for compiling The Bible, today, it is definitely a tool designed to validate the Christian religious industry and its right to manipulate and control people. I think Yahweh was the ancient Israelites attempt at validating killing and warring with other tribes who did not believe as they did, thus, starting the 'our God is better than your god' and 'our religion is better than your religion' beliefs that carry on into present day. Anything can be validated and justified if the right god is on your side.

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