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  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo

    Hello everybody,

    I had a quick discussion with my JW wife yesterday about the tax case in France...

    She argued that the taxes "suddenly were to be paid back dated several years")

    I argued that it was because that the WTBTS had problems maintaining there religion status...

    Could anyone inform me (or show me where I can find some mere info) explaining the exact problem (for the org).

    I read somewhere (in an old H20 post from Ginny - found on watchtowernews) that the taxes should have been paid from the beginning but weren't and therefore penalties and interests also were to be paid.

    I also understand that there may be similar cases coming up in other european cuntries.

    Kind Regards
    Mr. Magoo

  • Simon

    They had a tax bill and then also got additional fines because they were refusing to pay it.

    "Pay back Caesars tthings to Caesar" (I don't think 'caesar' is spelt right)

    How clear a command do they want but they ignore it...

  • chasson

    In fact, the Wt is really persecuted in France in this tax's story.

    In fact, there were different problem where the Wt has made faults
    and have must payed: The Wt has "forgotten" to paid the Social
    Security for his employeers, has "forgotten" to declare the money
    the Wt have winned, and have not declare the gifts of his followers.

    For the last one, the Wt has the right not to declare the gifts,
    and that's why the Wt is really persecuted for this last thing.
    But for the 2 first thing, the Wt has deliberated made some
    illegal things.



  • GinnyTosken

    Hi, Mr. Magoo,

    I found the old H2O post on Randy's website:

    I hope that helps.


  • Flip

    A minor point, France, like any government doesn’t like to be taken advantage of materially or culturally, especially by an American company.

    The WTBTS is "without a doubt" an American company, and the government of France is determined to maintain control of its French culture by rejecting Americanization.


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