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    This quote could have gone in another forum, but I'm hoping you can add a quote from Caroline Myss, Stephen..

    "Without forgiveness human society and existence are impossible. We are forever hurting one another, forever stepping on one another's toes. So we have to forgive and be forgiven or else we cannot go on living full lives. To forgive is not to pretend that the wrong is not awful and hurtful. It is to accept it in all its awfulness and pain and to want to give the other person the chance to begin again." -Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  • crossroads

    Intro-I'm sure my baby brother will have a great quote for
    you from Myss in the morning . Something about letting your spirit go and calling it back, He sure knows a lot about her stuff.
    I would just like to add from personal experience and observations that the forgiver if they truely forgive get a
    chance to begin again too. Forgiveness is really a greater
    experience for the wronged person because now they can
    go and live the rest of there life instead of dwelling in the past
    and the pain.

  • Introspection

    Thank you for those words Crossroads. A coworker left a quote for me today, it is from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Now the part she pointed to was something else, but I wanted to share the two paragraphs that followed it as it has to do with forgiveness:

    "It seems that most people need to experience a great deal of suffering before they will relinquish resistance and accept - before they will forgive. As soon as they do, one of the greatest miracles happens: the awakening of Being-consciousness through what appears as evil, the transmutation of suffering into inner peace. The ultimate effect of all the evil and suffering in the world is that it will force humans into realizing who they are beyong name and form. Thus, what we perceive as evil from our limited perspective is actually part of the higher good that has no opposite. This, however, does not become true for you except through forgiveness. Until that happens, evil has not been redeemed and therefore remains evil.

    "Through forgiveness, which essentially means recognizing the insubstantiality of the past and allowing the present moment to be as it is, the miracle of transformation happens not only within but also without. A silent space of intense presence arises both in you and around you. Whoever or whatever enters that field of consciousness will be affected by it, sometimes visibly and immediately, sometimes at deeper levels with visible changes appearing at a later time. You dissolve discord, heal pain, dispel unconsciousness - without doing anything - simply by being and holding that frequency of intense presence."

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    great post...i will have one on CM tomorrow*S*


  • stephenw20

    “Forgiveness is the box with love the jewel inside”

    So says Ms. Myss, Both are located in the fourth chakra of the body and it is admittedly hard to love , someone you cant forgive.

    Jesus stated the two greatest commands were loving neighbor as your self and loving god. Yet when asked about prayer,how to pray, he never mentions love. He mentions forgiveness, that we ask for forgiveness and that we forgive others FREELY. Interesting he indicated , we would need outside help to accomplish this. Ms Myss , fully supports this idea.

    Ironically this is where the love of YOURSELF comes in, when you are doing your daily observation of yourself, you need to ask , “do you love yourself enough,to not enter into negative thoughts about someone else. DO you love yourself enough, to allow negative energy not to be kept , but replaced by compassion, and love. Do you love yourself enough,to remove the OPPRESSOR, the one you need to forgive, and look at it as another science you don't understand, like gravity.

    Examine the reasons you hold onto this item between you and another. There is MUCH POWER in the martyr type of woundology , where bonds are created with these wounds we hold onto. We can get people to feel sorry for us. We can hold this hurt like a trophy

    There is some of this taking place here, on this forum. Before everyone gets upset, I struggle with it as well, as does the author MS. Myss admittedly. It takes time to get to forgiveness , its a process , a part of healing.

    We are not asked to forgive santa claus, ITS real WORK and the work involved really has nothing to do with the person who we THOUGHT offended us. Its just another larger lesson , designed not to hurt us, but to teach us and help us develop strength and endurance.

    There is much DANGER in continually speaking about past wounds. Using the illustration of a banker, we have allotted to us say $100.00 worth of energy each day. This is to fuel our creativity, maintain our health, and share with healthy relationships.

    Our past is like a debt we cant pay off, if we are constantly hanging on to a history of traumas.

    Say we have an incident from when we were a child , someone said to us, you will never be a good swimmer, this cost $5.00......we may have wished to have had Nike sneakers instead of Walmart brand , we would be further ahead today, we think....... This takes $20.00 a day, .......then , we have a few times growing up when we were slighted in our teens, $10 more dollars..........
    Relationships that didn't work out well, unresolved issues in them, another $30-40.00 .........Our jobs require us to SACRIFICE ourselves and we feel , we deserve more from this entity. $20 more, so we are carrying all this BAGGAGE weighing us down,......
    so we are left with 15-30 bucks to run our day maintain our relationships be creative and thrive.

    Each day that goes by , there is INTERESTon these wounds......and sooner than later, our cell tissue pays the price, we become lethargic , and ill. We finance the past with the present days allotment of energy and we are not good company, we cant create anything for our current day.

    Forgiveness , allows us to call our spirit back from the past to where it should be, the present time. It REENERGIZES us with the strength that we have never had before, to a point where you are looking for people to forgive , for the HIGH that is gained. You realize this POWER is not your own and the way you get THERE,to this point ,is daily observation and daily prayer. A discipline that you will set aside a time of day for you and the divine , to go over the day ahead or the day behind.
    IF you carry the ILLS from today to tomorrow you are beginning the pattern of the financing, that's why its essential to do it daily.

    There is a lot of fear involved here, because we know deep inside, that once we forgive, things WILL change, and in general , most people fear change. We know that when we say ......Ok, I will remove the idea that this hurt me personally, and see this was part of a bigger picture and it was for my growing in spirit and endurance, that our lives are not going to be the same anymore......give up the reason of why this happened . We need to trust in this GOD we have said we believe in , and this lack of control on our part frightens us.

    When we change our system of belief about forgiveness, we are then giving way to change our value system entirely. With our past changed, we look to our days we live in a new way, not the same keeping track of who hurt us,this day. We become different people. The tapestry that was our previous life, has just lost a few chords. We replace them with new chords, a different way to operate, and our tapestry takes on a new level of energy.

    This is where energy healing is effective, because prior to this modalities such as therapeutic touch, aromatherapy and crystals were just perfume like substances to our body. These treaments require a high level of energy to be effective.

    With our new found energy , we may treat our relationships much different as well. We will act and react more consciously, and with the banking idea in mind we will look at people or situations and say .....sorry I cant afford you , your a $50 a day illusion , ........ which is one reason we cant reconcile the JW lifestyle, it doesn't work for us.
    So life will never again be the same, we are existing at a higher level of energy.You get your self back to the present and you take THIS this day, as its the ONLY one you have.

    For those who cant come to grips with this right away, they choose to forgive half way so they can CONTROL the SPEED of this change.

    Admitting to yourself , forgiveness is not easy , and no one wants to is a good start. Recognizing the fight that goes on between the heart and mind is also good to look at.

    The mind(6th Chakra) will say...... yes, we need to forgive, it will go down to the heart (4th Chakra) and the heart says ..... NO way ,we aren’t doing that..get a new idea........ between the mind and the the fifth chakra....your will

    and most of us come to a point where we realize our will is very weak, and we don't have the strength to say to the heart ,...LISTEN to the mind....... this is an extremely conscious thing to do...not done in passing........ must be examined and practiced.......developing your will to a point that it is strong enough to not budge from your new found ideals is a life times work and is difficult on your own. Having divine help daily as a practice and discipline is highly recommended, by Ms. Myss

    This may all seem very cold with no room for BIG hurts and tragedies. Ms. Myss indicates, when we find ourselves with this size hurt, we should seek out therapy, as a means to deal with this specific hurt , and give ourselves a time limit....... because you can , and you need to, in order to continue to heal. Therapy is a boat to get you across the river, not meant to be a lifelong pleasure cruise. That, is not healing. Give yourself 6 months , tell the therapist , THIS, is what I am here for , THIS, is what we will work on, and in six months WE ARE DONE.

    There is one story about forgiveness Ms Myss relates on the “Why people don't heal and How they can” tape.

    Her partner , Dr Norman Shealy( a Harvard neuroSurgeon) give seminars as does she. He was doing one on healing. A lady was carried in on a stretcher, and was placed on the floor as she was so weak she could not sit. She should have been in a hospice as she was ravaged with Cancer and had weeks to live. The doctors had given her no hope and she was just trying anything at this point.

    So there she lay, listening to this healing seminar , and on the last day , there was a mediation done on forgiveness, where you had to go back into the past and mentally and spiritually call back all the spirit you could from the past woes. The mediation lasts about 1 hour. When it was over, this lady seemed unconscious, and they feared she had died, but she was still breathing, so they just gathered round her and held her hands and waited. After about twenty minutes, she opened her eyes, sat up, picked up her blanket and left to go home to LA.
    They all stood there dumbfounded.

    A few months later, Dr. Shealy, was giving a seminar in LA, and this woman picked him up at the airport. He said to her , you have to tell me, what happened to you at the seminar. Who knows why he waited?

    She went on to say , during the meditation, she went all the way back to before she was married. It seemed her husband of 30 or so years, had been cheating on her since the day before her wedding. He was found with the maid of honor the day before. This hurt but in those days, things were a bit different than today, and she decided to go through with it.

    As time went on, he continued to cheat and she knew it and others did too and she just looked the other way became a mother of two sons and focused on raising them. So while she was being super mom her energies were going in that direction and her body and mind tolerated this infidelity.

    Time goes on and the boys grow and went into the service Korean war, I think it was, so while they were there, she couldn’t leave her husband then, for fear her sons would be upset and somehow be less than themselves on the battlefield. So the war ends, and the boys make it home safe and sound and within three months , her bodyµsãÍt erupts with cancer, all the past hurts just came out , the reasons for staying together were all gone now . She does kemo, she has surgery and she is diagnosed with inoperable cancer.

    During this meditation, she had to go back to all those years of knowing that she was being cheated on. She had to go back to all those who said to her “just leave him “, all those who said “oh that is so sad.”.....she had to go back to her husband and say...”I FORGIVE YOU.”...... and she had to say to herself, “I forgive you “ as well. She had to say I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS ,I LOVE THIS MAN. and she did.

    Cancer gone........

    I don't know that in our lives we will know someone with an example as this. I do know though that forgiveness works, asI have seen it personally yield strength ,I did not know existed.

    And you know when you forgive an issue a situation or a person. Because when it is brought up, you feel NOTHING, no jaw clench, no pain in the stomach, no shortness of breath. You feel more strength at having been able to get past it.

  • Introspection

    Here's another quote from the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle:

    This sounds to me like denial and self-deception. When something dreadful happens to me or someone close to me - accident, illness, pain of some kind or death - I can pretend that it isn't bad, but the fact remains that it is bad, so why deny it?

    You are not pretending anything. You are allowing it to be as it is, that's all. This "allowing to be" takes you beyond the mind with its resistance patterns that create the positive-negative polarities. It is an essential aspect of forgiveness. Forgiveness of the present is even more important than forgiveness of the past. If you forgive every moment - allow it to be as it is - then there will be no accumulation of resentment that needs to be forgiven at some later time.

    Remember that we are not talking about happiness here. For example, when a loved one has just died, or you feel your own death approaching, you cannot be happy. It is impossible. But you can be at peace. There may be sadness and tears, but provided that you have relinquished resistance, underneath the sadness you will feel a deep serenity, a stillness, a sacred presence. This is the emanation of Being, this is inner peace, the good that has no opposite.

    end of quote

    This sounds a lot like my understanding of the "peace of God that excels all thought" ...

  • stephenw20

    'Never go to bed with a grudge inside you or beside you.'

    it seemed appropriate since we are talking forgiveness..below are two mediations , that will alter your persepctive in the world of forgiveness..


    Your Daily Practice - Morning

    Each day is a new beginning. Your task today is to learn the practice of consciously entering your body and your day. Begin by focusing attention on your entire day from morning to evening.

    Review your plans for today:

    * Think about where you need to be and with whom you need to be.
    * Do you feel stressful about this day or do you feel comfortable?
    * Do you feel prepared for today's events?
    * Are you projecting fears and expectations into this day?

    Your First Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'All is One' to penetrate your body
    * Drop your attention to the root of your spine.
    * Feel yourself magnetically connected to every part of life:

    * the fragrance of the earth
    * the oceans and rivers
    * the air
    * your family and friends
    * the planet

    * Identify your fears for today and pull them into your consciousness.
    * Acknowledge the strength of the energetic circuitry connecting you to all life.
    * Visualize that strength replacing your fears for today.
    * Standing tall.

    Your Second Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'Honor One Another' to penetrate your body.
    * Move your attention gradually up your spine to your lower back, hips and genital area.
    * Feel the fire and vibrant energy of this area.
    * Focus that energy toward the key areas of this chakra:
    * Relationships: Who am I going to be with today?
    * Work: What am I going to do today?if'0A* Money: How do I feel about it today?
    * Creativity: What am I going to create today?

    Your Third Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'Honor Yourself' to penetrate your body.
    * Breathe deeply as you shift your attention to your solar plexus and abdominal area.
    * Focus on your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself today:

    * Am I feeling strong? Frightened?
    * Do I need someone's approval today?
    * Will I need to be courageous?

    * Remind yourself of your boundaries, dignity, inherent honor, and integrity
    * Make a spiritual promise in terms of how you want to live your life today

    Your Fourth Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'Love is Divine Power' to penetrate your body.
    * Raise your attention up to your heart, the center of love.
    * Welcome the people you're scheduled to meet today into your meditation:

    * Where you feel love for them, send more, boundless love.
    * For those you feel challenged to love, say the prayer , "Let me learn more about how to love them today."

    * Think about who you need to forgive today; release the rage, bitterness or hurt feelings from your heart.
    * Tell yourself "Forgiveness is not easy, but today I ask for one more step toward that goal."
    * Release the prayer that you want to look at today through your heart and not through your fears; that you want to feel gratitude for events that do or don't happen as they should.
    * Keep your attention on the right way to walk into this day, with a heart full of love.

    Your Fifth Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will' to penetrate your body.
    * Move your attention to your throat area.
    * Define your needs and desires for today and let go of doing the same for others.
    * Make the choice to love this day instead of fearing it.
    * Envision choices that result in positive attitudes, memories, and feelings about yourself.
    * Vow to express yourself honestly.

    Your Sixth Chakra

    * Allow 'Seek Only Truth' to penetrate your body
    * Focus your attention upwards to your mind - the world behind your eyes.
    * Go beyond the limits of the rational mind and accept the Divine's Plan for you.
    * Prepare your mind to enter the day feeling good and not generating illusions, false truths or fears.
    * For today, release old grudges, beliefs, attitudes and patterns that no longer serve you.
    * Remember that everything in your life is there for a reason and to teach you truth.

    Your Seventh Chakra

    * Allow the truth 'Live in the Present Moment' to penetrate your body.
    * Pull your attention up and out, and hold the idea 'live in present time.'
    * Let go of the past and do not anticipate the future.
    * During the day, practice the discipline of telling yourself, "This is all I have. This is all there is to my life right now."

    Invoke this prayer:

    I am committed to feeling a bond with each person I meet, to respecting my own integrity and honor, to living within the energy of love and compassion and returning to that energy when I don't feel it, to making wise and blessed choices with my will, to maintaining perceptions of wisdom and non-judgment, to release the need to know why things happen as they do, and not to project expectations over how I want this day to be and how I want others to be. And finally, my last prayer, 'to trust the Divine'. And with that I bless my day with gratitude and love.


    Your Daily Practice - Evening

    As you prepare to enter sleep, review how you used your energy during the day, how you invested your spirit, what you learned about the investments you should or shouldn't have made.

    Review the events of today:

    * Think about how you feel about yourself and your life now that the day is over.
    * Ask yourself, "How do I open myself to receive guidance as I sleep?"

    Your Seventh Chakra

    * Focus your attention on the crown of your head where your energy connects most directly to spiritual guidance.
    * Return to the truth that there is a divine reason for every single experience in your life.
    * Reflect on the million things that happened to you today and be appreciative of them all.
    * Remember that everything is a divine design for our learning and for our blessing.

    Your Sixth Chakra

    * Focus your attention on your mind.
    * Ask yourself, "Did I invest my energy today in any negative attitudes, beliefs or perceptions?"
    * If so, identify them, take a deep breath, call that energy back and release it with the thought "I don't need this negativity."
    * Review any and all judgments you made about yourself or others, take a very deep breath and release them.
    * Look at the positive things you invested in today and be grateful
    * Repeat the prayer, "I release the desire to know why things happen as they do and the need to have my expectations met."

    Your Fifth Chakra

    * Move your attention to your center of will and choices, your throat area.
    * Did you make choices that enhanced your life today? If so, bless those choices, take a deep breath and decide to put your energy into more of them.
    * What choices drained your energy? Review them, call your spirit back and tell it that you disempower those choices and release them.
    * Ask yourself "Did I speak with honesty and integrity?" If not, call your spirit back and release those words.
    * Take a deep breath and direct your will toward blessing the whole of your own life and all the people who are in your life.
    * Finally, say the prayer, "I release my will to divine guidance."

    Your Fourth Chakra

    * Take a deep breath to the center of your emotions, your heart.
    * Review all of your emotions; are you angry? hurt? sad? Release all the negative feelings so you don't take them into your sleep with you.
    * Move into and feel the energies of love, compassion, appreciation of other people, and love of this life. Envision those energies as rose petals and walk through your entire day with the image that you are leaving those petals at every place you have walked.
    * Concentrate now on attitudes and feelings about love, on your need to be loved, and on people you love dearly. Ask your spirit to enter only into loving thoughts through the night.
    * How have you done with forgiveness today? Place each person you need to forgive in front of you and to each say, "This is what I need to forgive you for and I am working at doing that".
    * Now flip the coin and ask forgiveness of those you have harmed.
    * Picture leaving the rose petals with the prayer "I want to be at peace with you".
    * Say the prayer, "Teach me more about the divine power of love as I sleep".

    Your Third Chakra

    * Move your attention to the center of self, your solar plexus.
    * Ask yourself, "Did I take care of my physical body today? Did I maintain the attitudes and belief patterns that best suit me?"
    * Take a deep breath, stretch out and feel the entire strength and health of your body. Identify any areas of weakness and loss of power. Call your spirit back.
    * Did you live up to your honor code or do you have to remind yourself to live it better tomorrow?
    * Were you judgmental or critical of yourself or others today or did you extend kindness and compassion?
    * Pray "Give me guidance on who I am and what my task is in this life; why I am with the people I am and how to best serve that role".

    Your Second Chakra

    * Direct your thoughts to your spine, lower back, hips and genital area.
    * Do you have any negativity that you're carrying in regards to your relationships? Finances? Job? Creative ventures?
    * Feel all those fears, go into them and ask yourself, "Why am I so afraid of change?"
    * Release those fears with a prayer of trust to the Divine: "Move into my life. Change what you need because I am here for service. I may fear the changes but I trust the changes."
    * Now focus on the positive side of relationships, finances and creativity. Celebrate all the people whom you love and enjoy, the blessings you have and the ideas you have brought forth into the world.
    * Conclude with this prayer: "I offer myself as a gift-giver; let me use the gifts given me by the Divine to serve and honor others."

    Your First Chakra

    * Focus on the base of your spine, your connection to Gaia, force of nature.
    * Place your body in a relaxed position and request Gaia,"Watch my body and give me guidance as I seek to resolve the issues I've put forth".
    * Take a deep breath and imagine your spirit beginning to lift and leave your body. Feel yourself unhooking as your energy begins to move through all your chakras, out the top of your head.
    * Stand over your body watching it sleep and then allow your spirit to let go, with the blessing, "I'll see you in the morning".

  • stephenw20

    A Message From Caroline Myss

    Hello my friends,

    This past weekend, I gave a workshop in Chicago with my dear friend, Ron
    Roth. Both of us presented variations on the themes of forgiveness and
    moving on in life, and on the nature of prayer and healing. I am writing
    this particular column in response to the many people who have contacted
    me as a result of that workshop inquiring as to how one moves on and
    Forgiveness and giving up the need to know why things happen as they do
    are two of life's greatest challenges. The hardcore truth is that we may
    never know why things happen as they do. Because we grow up with
    teachings about right and wrong, punishment and mercy, it is natural to
    fall into a pattern that seems to offer us a type of safety net, namely
    if we do not do anything wrong, nothing sad, bad, or undeserving will
    happen to us. Unfortunately, life is not that organized, and certainly
    it does not script itself around our definition of fairness. Horrible
    things do happen. One woman spoke about her husband being murdered and
    how does she release that? Another woman wrote about coming to terms
    with the death of her daughter.

    I used an example of imagery to illustrate what it feels like to
    recognize that something, someone, a memory, a trauma, has your power,
    or your spirit. I suggested that people image the person or event that
    has them so disturbed or in crisis as standing directly in front of
    them. Then I told them to picture that individual standing in front of
    them in order to draw out of their psyche, their cell tissue, their
    entire being the rage and sadness that lies within. With that image in
    mind, the next step is to shift your perspective to the symbolic meaning
    of the event. But what could be the symbolic meaning of a murder or the
    death of a child? How can one possibly find such an answer that would
    calm the soul? How is this exercise supposed to help a person heal when
    all it seems to do is stir the heart with more grief?

    Such an image can serve its role in healing because it is a purge. From
    a symbolic perspective, confronting the details of an experience - even
    something as horrific as finding one's spouse murdered in their home -
    can bring to the surface the one anchor of pain that is weighing down
    the soul, which is to confront the unfair and unjust nature of God and
    And this anger at God is a symbolic perspective that represents the
    feelings that awaken in us when the uncontrollable happens that turns
    our lives upside-down. We have been betrayed by the Divine.
    Forgiveness and moving on in life is complicated for every emotional
    reason. But the spiritual reason must be acknowledged as well because
    these painful experiences threaten our relationship to life itself. We
    have the association that forgiveness is equal to saying to someone,
    "What you did is okay. I'm fine", which makes them feel better while we
    remain in grief. And perhaps even more grief because we've just made
    them feel okay. But that is not the meaning nor power in that act.

    To release and move forward is the act of accepting, that which cannot be
    accepted according to the scale of human justice. Forgiving and moving
    on is the act of accepting that a Divine reason exists within the
    unreasonable and even within the most horrific experience along with the
    reality that we will never know that reason. There is no easy formula to
    make a shift to acceptance. Would that there were. When someone says,
    "Just tell me how?" I wish I could say, "Well, just do this and that
    and all will be well", but that is simply not possible. Yet the truth is
    that regardless of what happens to each of us, the choices we have are
    to get bitter, or get better, or remain empty.

    In imaging the event or person that traumatized you directly in front of
    you, you can feel the absence of your own spirit. I encourage people to
    enter into this experience as a way of recognizing how much of their own
    life force is no longer within their own energy field. The intent is to
    retrieve your own spirit lest you suffer from the absence of your own
    power. While holding that image, visualize yourself expanding your size
    well beyond the atmosphere of the earth so that the earth looks to be
    the size of a pea. Then shift your attention away from the earth and
    into your own eternity. Remind yourself of what is truth versus what is
    true. What happened to you "truly" did happen, but the truth is that
    what appears to be unfair will unfold in your life in some way that
    brings grace to you if you open yourself to that grace. You cannot bring
    back a loved one, but heaven can reshape your life to accommodate a
    loss. Empty holes, even within the deepest part of our souls, can be
    filled in. Certainly not the same way, but in some way that is life
    serving and healing.

    There is nothing easy or simple about getting over loss, grief, or the
    pain caused within human relationships. And while some people have
    endured extraordinary horrors, such as a murdered spouse, still at the
    end of the day we all meet in the same place, which is burning with a
    desire that life unfold according to rules of human justice and
    fairness, where only those who "deserve" such grief get stricken by it.
    But we know better. And since we cannot wait for the world to spin, as we
    would wish, the only other choice is to recognize that every single
    person in this world feels as we do. Forgiveness is not the act of
    saying to another that everything is just fine now. It is the act of
    retrieving your spirit from your history with the intention of opening
    to grace and direction for today and tomorrow. As I once said to someone
    in deep emotional crisis, perhaps a very effective method to help you
    move toward forgiveness and release is to cease making that your goal.
    Instead, put your attention on allowing your life to reshape itself
    today instead of pouring energy into finding ways to explain yesterday.
    No answer will ever satisfy that quest. Using such a direct and powerful
    imagery as confronting the memory directly in front of you is a way of
    breathing your spirit back into your body, drawing your energy out of
    the trauma - not your memory, but your energy - and consciously
    committing your spirit to reshaping your present moment. Doing this
    exercise is a measuring device that allows you to assess how much of
    your energy still lives in the past. Each time you tackle the images,
    breathe your spirit back to present time, adding the prayer that grace
    reshape your present moment and fill it with tranquility, acceptance and
    When you find your mind slipping into the sadness creating by the weight
    of personal tragedy, immediately focus your attention on your breathing,
    repeating to yourself, "I am remaining in present time and I am invoking
    the grace to prevent me from sinking into the weight of yesterday". A
    constant prayer and desire to remain in present time rebuilds your
    spiritual reserves, slowly and continually. Eventually there will come
    the moment when the energy in that reserve tips in your favor. Then,
    when your soul feels its strength returning, then call the image forward
    one more time with the intention of retrieving the remaining fragments
    of your spirit.

    I wish God's blessings on all of you and because I am so in touch with
    so many of you striving so sincerely to heal, I am going to ask each of
    you reading this to send a prayer of light and grace to all those we are
    in touch with together. Thank you - you will never know how many lives
    you are touching together as a group.



    This is just a sample of May-2001 Salon Newsletter



    What made you pursue the path of becoming a "conscious" person and living a
    more spiritual life? You have probably always lived your life believing in some
    form of the Divine or God, only now you are most likely seeking "more", and
    while that "more" can be defined in many ways, suffice to say that you are in
    search of a God through which you can find spiritual empowerment. You no longer
    want to observe God from afar; you want to feel God from within. We have been
    "downloaded" with a passion that is rapidly reshaping us spiritually and
    awakening in us a desire to do more than practice a religion; we want to channel
    the energy of the heavens right through our psyches and souls and into the
    physical dimension of our lives.

    I am always listening to people in my workshops or reading in letters words
    written by people who describe themselves as "healers", but I do not
    necessarily accept that as their line of occupation because true "Healers" as
    such are a rare breed (we'll examine what makes a healer a healer in a later
    Salon). What these individuals are recognizing, however, is that some new
    current of energy is running through their systems and they are being inspired
    to find an alternative means of expressing this Divine electricity. The most
    obvious one is healing, but that is not always the right choice for many. Work
    in the healing field does serve the purpose, however, of giving a person a
    target - an outlet through which they can verify and validate the fact that
    "something" is being channeled through their systems that was not "there"
    yesterday. And this something is making them want to live a different life, eat
    different foods, share in global and spiritual concerns on this planet - in
    short, become a more conscious person. At the very least, realization that a
    significant energetic shift has taken place automatically makes a person want to
    heal him/herself. It's simply a natural response to becoming what I refer to as
    "spiritually animated". You become compelled to begin a psyche and soul
    cleansing - the effortless effort.

    You are going through something like this, or perhaps even most of what I am
    describing - and it would be helpful to be given the right words through which
    you can describe what you are experiencing so that you can embrace its purpose
    in your life as well as recognize that your life cannot remain the same once a
    process of revelation has begun. That life is a journey of becoming conscious
    might have once upon a time meant nothing more to you than any other sentence on
    a page. Now it determines the coarse of each day of your life and has become the
    scale against which you measure every one of your actions. So how exactly should
    you explore that truth and how is that truth exploring you?


  • Introspection

    This seems to be a principle that applies to a lot of things. It reminds me of this Zen quote:

    Neither general nor specific
    Is effort without desire

    In a way it is being process rather than goal oriented, but what it implies is being in the present moment, focused on what needs to be done now rather than the ultimate goal, which is often what the desire is attached to. It is also not unlike what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls flow. I think we all experience this with things we like to do, often you hear people say that they enjoy a certain hobby or even their job, and time flies when you're having fun. If we can go beyond preference, then it follows that we can be as successful in other areas of life as well.

    As I once said to someone in deep emotional crisis, perhaps a very effective method to help you move toward forgiveness and release is to cease making that your goal.

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