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    I would like you thoughts on the book I am writing. Jahweh's Pilgrim =JW, JEF = WBTS, Devine Express = Watchtower

    We were all ready for the Almighty right up until December the 31 st 1975 and on January the 1 st 1976 we all decided to read our Divine Express again to see if indeed we like millions of others have indeed not misread it. Did JEF get it wrong? Did God get it wrong? After all JEF was Gods spokesman on earth. JEF announced that it was the over enthusiasm of some at the headquarters who had overstepped the mark. Some had run away with the notion that Armageddon would come in 1975 for which the Divine Express did not apologize. Some even donated their homes to JEF to further its work. Others became full time evangelizers to help save as many people as possible before the end of this wicked system came and the New World Order arrives. My father left the Refuge and thought that we were all brainwashed. However, an elder told him that we were not brain washed, but rather our brains were washed clean. We were taught to walk by faith and perform fine works as disciples of Jesus Christ, and to ever pursue the path of righteousness with renewed vigor, for it and it alone can lead to eternal life. We pressed on in our faith and now with my distraught father, whom we very much did not want to loose on Judgment day for he was becoming weak. We vowed to stay ever more closely to our loving Christian teachers.

    S o it came to be that my father, a disillusioned man moved by an impatient spirit, challenged Max, an elder appointed by JEF, to discuss the scriptures in a bible contest.

    Brother, is it not written in Gods word, the test of a prophet, is what he says shall come to pass? (Ezekiel 33:33, Jeremiah 28:9, Deut.18: 20-22) My father grinned as he thought we were all fooled by 1975.

    Max nodded.

    Is it not so then that by false prophecy you put your God to test? (Mathew 4:7). Isnt it also so that your leaders have been proved false? (Jeremiah 23:15, Deut.13:1-5) Arent you then a fool?

    But brother havent the faithful decreed that the light is getting brighter during the passage of time? (Proverbs 4:18) Replied Max worriedly. What is more do not judge me a fool. I am appointed. (Mathew 5:22).

    You mock the almighty. The only thing that is getting brighter is your bank account. Replied my father laughing. You have twisted Gods words by all this smooth talk, havent you? (Daniel 11:32)

    I am sure in due course JEF will apologize. He spoke as the clouds covered the sun. But please do not defame the Holy Spirit. JEF is Gods voice on Earth. (Mathew 4:4)

    I shuddered as the battle between the titans continued..

    Brother, my exact words.' Have you not also become a false prophet upholding a lie, and are you not also sinning against the Holy Spirit? (Mathew 12:31). JEF mocked the words of Jahweh and plundered its followers and made the Lord a laughing stock.

    At that moment, as if judged, my father lost his foothold and ended up in the roses, it is as if could not hold the weight of the spirit.

    He got up and Max and he decided to agree to disagree.

    Max had no words for this. A beaten and worried man he went away not being able to restore my fathers faith. But return he did after taking counsel with several more elders. He admonished my father that 1975 was just a prophetic warning, resembling the march of the Roman army against Jerusalem. However, the Romans did not seize Jerusalem until about three and a half years later, due to Gods merciful kindness so as those possessing faith could escape. So the first coming is prophetic of 1975 and the second will occur in 1979, perhaps even in summer, so Max and the others stipulated.

    My faith was strengthened and my fathers wrath turned to mildness and he once again he put faith in JEF as our only hope of salvation. Indeed, even Gods voice on Earth.

    However, my father, being as cautious as a serpent and swift as a dove, admonished Max a warning neither due you know the day nor the hour. He shall come like a thief in the night! (Mathew 24:36, 1 Thessalonians 5:2, Revelation 16:15). So once again we were called upon the authority of JEF, but in secret my father told me If they shall prophecy falsely, I shall know that they are indeed The Clueless Clan! A disciple of Satan who transforms himself into an angel of light. For, isnt it so that when this time has come to pass, that I have indeed been counseled by a group of Pharisees, who are blinded by the father of the lie?

    So now we patiently waited until 1979 for Gods day of judgment for which, at the time, I had no doubt as I believed those who JEF appointed. However, it is through the eyes of an ignorant child that I accepted these words, who knew no better? The Lord will judge those who expound their own thoughts in place of Gods. They have subjected themselves to eternal damnation, for they were consecrated and sinned against what is holy. Consecrated, these men have touched the Ark of the Covenant, lest it shall fall, proving themselves to have no faith in Gods word.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I think you might have to get that into another format before it can be read there brother/sister

  • avengers

    It's readable now.

    Some had run away with the notion that Armageddon would come in 1975 for which the Divine Express did not apologize. Some even donated their homes to JEF to further its work. Others became full time evangelizers to help save as many people as possible before the end of this wicked system came and the New World Order arrives

    I experienced the 1975 issue "first hand" The Society never apologized. ( Do they ever?) Instead they blamed the R & F. They came out with phrases like: "There were brothers and sisters who have put too much hope on a date. Therefore these brothers and sisters became too enthousiastic in their preaching"

    I will get the exact quotes of the WTBS. I don't have them readily available at this moment, but will post ASAP.


  • avengers

    Here's something to ponder on.

    Let us now examine what was said after the prophecy about 1975 failed. Right after they were praised for selling their homes to pioneer (full time preaching) Note what the Watchtower said of those who followed that encouragement.

    It may be that some who have been serving God have planned their lives according to a mistaken view of just what was to happen on a certain date or in a certain year. They may have, for this reason, put off or neglected things that they otherwise would have cared for. But they have missed the point of the Bible's warnings concerning the end of this system of things, thinking that Bible chronology reveals the specific date.
    Watchtower 7/15/76 pg.440

    Did Jesus mean that we should adjust our financial and secular affairs so that our resources would just carry us to a certain date that we might think marks the end? If our house is suffering serious deterioration, should we let it go, on the assumption that we would need it only a few months longer? Or, if someone in the family possibly needs special medical care, should we say, 'Well, we'll put it off because the time is so near for this system of things to go'? This is not the kind of thinking that Jesus advised.
    Watchtower 7/15/76 pg.440

    But it is not advisable for us to set our sights on a certain date, neglecting everyday things we would ordinarily care for as Christians, such as things that we and our families really need. We may be forgetting that, when the "day" comes, it will not change the principle that Christians must at all times take care of all their responsibilities. If anyone has been disappointed through not following this line of thought, he should now concentrate on adjusting his viewpoint, seeing that it was not the word of God that failed or deceived him and brought disappointment, but that his own understanding was based on wrong premises.
    Watchtower 7/15/76 pg.441

    The Watchtower here is actually blaming it's readers for believing what it wrote! Note the harsh words to those who planned their lives around what they were taught about that coming year. It accuses them of 'planning their lives according to a mistaken view.' My question is where and from whom did they get that 'mistaken view?' The article also says of it's disappointed readers: 'his own understanding was based on wrong premises.' Again, where and from whom did the readers get these wrong premises? Of course as shown above they received it from the Watchtower

  • Englishman


    I remember all of this so well. The saddest part is that my parents believed in the advent of 1975, and then promptly "readjusted their thinking". Consequently, after my parents had sold all their possessions and nothing had still come to pass, responded to my "so what happenned to the end of the world coming in 1975?" question with:

    "Oh, so are you a seventy-fiver, then?"

    One of the very few times in my life that I have been left absolutely open-mouthed and speechless.



    Oh how I wish a former JW I know was here on this forum.

    He and I were talking once about this "1975" topic.

    He had been a Jehovah's Witness for several decades. He was a pioneer at one time and even played in the assembly orchestras. Anyways, I recall something about him being at a particular assembly hearing one of the Bethel speakers from Brooklyn utter words, more or less, pointing to the fall of 1975 or October 1975.

    I wish he was on here, because he could relate the story better than myself. But it was interesting, and then to read posts previous to mine, about how brothers/sisters misinterpreted the Society's teachings. Did anyone (elders/WTBTS) try to stop brothers and sisters from selling their homes and personal possessions prior the December 31, 1975?

    I don't know, but if someone could enlighten me on that question, I'd appreciate it.

    I started going to meetings in late 1976. So, the 1975 issue was something I was unfamiliar with until I became more regular in my study and meeting attendance. No one really wanted to discuss it, even when I asked questions. It was 'hush-hush'.

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