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  • Ghiagirl
    As my husband always says sarcastically about our newborn son, how people contradict themselves. Well he is a blessing but he is also the reason you are being shunned and were run out of the organization because you had premarital sex. My beautiful son is finally here, and who texts and calls us the day he is born?? The same people who not only never saw me my whole pregnancy but never even sent one flimsy text message to ask how I was doing. Oh but you want to show up at my house and see my baby!!! All of my husbands family, well most of them, decide to pop up NOW. How sickening. My family shortly before I had the baby decided to drop the whole religion thing And respect where I stand. So that makes things a little easier on me. My husband being disfellowshipped though obviously changes how people associate with us. We want wants best for our son so if family wants to all of a sudden come around fine. But no popping in and out of our life and no trying to talk about or take our son to the meetings! The nerve these people have though to come around all of a sudden like nothing happened. Makes me so mad. I would like to know how other disfellowshipped people's family and friends treat them? I know of a couple people whose family still sees them on a regular basis. And others who are completely cut off. It's so sad that most people would keep in contact if it weren't for the organizations way to control it!!! I almost feel bad there people don't know any better and feel like it's the only choice they have.
  • Dumplin

    Congrats on your son!!! Babies are such a delightful wonder...and then watching them grow and learn. My wife and I have raised 5 children and it was quite a ride! Now we get to watch our 9 grandchildren grow up all over again. Best ride you can go on by far.

    I have no idea what goes thru a Jw mind anymore (and I don't want to go back and remember either because it just makes me feel puny and small for even being duped into following that religion in the first place). I just stand at a distance now and pity them all. They have a "collective consciousness" which disallows them from having any original or compassionate thoughts about anything. At least your family's out... Good. So now you never want to let them (JWs) get a foot in your door again. Take the power away from them as soon as you can. This seems like a good time however you choose to do that. Use your anger for strength. They can never influence your child. Protect and cherish him at all costs. He will grow up and be able to think for himself! What a blessing!

    my best to you, Dumplin

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Congrats on the little one. Now remember, your baby isn't Df'd so they will have NO problem associating with the baby. So they stayed away till baby came, now they have an excuse to see the baby. You are right though, no religious talk at all. I would say, keep your Jeehoba off my baby!
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Congratulations, a sweet new baby boy is wonderful! Hope you make lots of great memories.

    It's some sort of magic, how a sin transforms into a blessing, what sickening hypocrites, i can't stand it. I'm so glad your husband has the reasoning and logic to make the point about the way his relatives behave.

    Happy for you all!


  • millie210

    Hes here!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations! I remember when you were first posting and pregnant and going through so much family stuff.

    Im not surprised to hear the family has surfaced. Babies change things.

    The Org trys to instill that its rules for living are the most important thing. Reality is family is the most important thing.

    We all instinctively know that. Your family is going through the clash of what they think they know and what they really intuitively know.

    You said you would like to know how some of the rest of us get treated...I am not DFd but am fading. I do have one Dfd adult son.

    Whats crazy is that in my die hard JW family they are splitting the vote on him.

    At first they were all appalled and acted like he was dead.

    Now that I am fading as well as my other adult children, some of the family are just throwing their hands up in the air (so to speak) and just accept him alongside me.

    Its like the faders in the family are becoming some kind of bridge between the die hards and the DFs?

    I know - its strange. I am still scratching my head too.

  • stuckinarut2


    Live your own lives, and control who does or does not spend time with you and your baby.

    You have the right to choose.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Congratulations on your new baby son. May you have a very happy life as a family. Sorry for the craziness going on in your life, the last thing you need to have going on right after having a baby.

  • Ghiagirl
    Thank you all! I am hoping to become a regular poster. I am so intrigued by ex jw life. Not sure if it is because I am a born in or what. I am so happy to be free! And so wonderful to have the support and reassurance I'm not crazy! Sometimes I feel like maybe I'm wrong, but hearing everyone's experiences and having your support makes me realize I know the truth about the truth. Thank you all so much again!
  • umbertoecho

    A great big hug and congratulations on your' son, you lovely mother you...You are a clever and loving person. Stuff them, the ones who abandoned you...that is of course unless you decide to let them in again..That is your' choice. For now, all gentle, all kind, all the soft things that don't hurt your' soul.

  • smiddy

    Congratulations on your newborn son Ghiagirl ,

    You don`t have to be D`fd or D`ad to be shunned by family or so called friends .My lovely daughter in law has been shunned by her parents and her siblings for more than ten years now , her sin ? She stopped attending meetings and associating with conditional friends .

    Only her father has twice in all this time contacted her , and only to inquire if she will come back to the meetings , and that`s it. No more contact.

    Take care


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