Missionary Deceptively/Mistakenly Misquotes Scripture.........

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    ....................on JW Broadcasting. http://tv.jw.org/#video/VODStudio/pub-jwb_201509_1_VIDEO (Between 14 - 16 mins.)

    Allyson Lee, who is a missionary in Nicaragua, misquoted "a very special scripture" - Acts 1:8. She said, "that the good news will be preached to the most distant part of the earth."

    No, Allyson, you got it badly wrong!!! Here is what the Bible really teaches;

    "....you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Ju·deʹa and Sa·marʹi·a, and to the most distant part of the earth." (RNWT)

    She dare not say that Christians were to be witnesses of Christ, and not Jehovah!

    If anyone here knows Allyson, why not share these Bible verses with her. They may help her to see.

    Matthew 10:18 - ".....for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations.

    Mark 13:9 - "......before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them."

    Luke 24: 47,48 - "....and on the basis of his [Jesus'] name....You are to be witnesses....."

    John 1:15 - "John bore witness about him..." [JESUS]

    John 5:37 - "the Father who sent me has himself borne witness about me."

    John 8:18 - "the Father who sent me bears witness about me."

    John 15:26,27 - "the spirit will bear witness about me; and YOU in turn, are to bear witness."

    Acts 1:8 - "You [11 faithful apostles] will be witnesses of me...."

    Acts 4:17,18 - ...upon the basis of this (Jesus') name .... upon the basis of the name of Jesus.

    Acts 10:39 - "And we are witnesses of all the things he [Jesus] did..."

    Acts 10:43 - "To him [Jesus] all the prophets bear witness....."

    Acts 13:31 - "who are now his (Jesus') witnesses to the people.

    Acts 22:15 - "because you are to be a witness for him [Jesus] to all men......"

    Acts 22:20 - "......the blood of Stephen your [Jesus'] witness was being spilled..."

    Acts 23:11 - "..... a thorough witness on the things about me in Jerusalem..."

    Acts 26:16 -"I [Jesus]..choose you as an attendant and a witness..respecting me"

    Romans 8:16 - "The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit..."

    1 Corinthians 1:6 - "even as the witness about the Christ..........."

    1 Timothy. 2:6 - "......what is to be witnessed to at its own particular times."

    2 Timothy 1:8 - "............of the witness about our Lord.. [Christ]"

    1 John 5:9 - "the witness God gives...the fact that he has borne witness concerning his Son."

    Revelation 1:9 - "....for speaking about God and bearing witness to Jesus."

    Revelation 12:17 - ".......and have the work of bearing witness to Jesus."

    Revelation 17:6 - "........and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus."

    Revelation 19:10 -".....the work of witnessing to Jesus.... bearing witness to Jesus."

    Revelation 20:4 - "............ for the witness they bore to Jesus."

    Here's another good verse to bear in mind - Romans 2:21 "...do you, however, the one teaching someone else, not teach yourself?..."

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Well at any rate it's gone from being the good news of imaginary deities' kingdom, to the good news of j w . o r g (please join our cult).

    It was a master stroke to get the sheeples conflating imaginary deity big J with his imaginary organisation on earth, yep you guessed it right, in the form of the cult we all love so much.

    read the bible without WTBTS cult blinkers and you might become a christian, read it carefully enough and without bias and you will become an atheist.

  • Dissonant15
    Excellent post, thank you. I just had a conversation with a non JW Bible hobbyist about how the witnesses do not give Jesus the recognition he scriptural commanded.
  • Vidiot

    Once again, for the newbies, lurkers, and trolls...


    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • berrygerry

    I highly doubt you'll make a breakthrough.

    Lee's are celeb-Dubs.



  • Phizzy

    Interesting, because in the minds of JW's the scripture says what the JW girlie said.

    They have a problem though if they believe their preaching is going to reach "the most distant part of the Earth".

    Their work is contracting, and as far as I know they have no Mishies going to the North or South Poles, nor have they ever gone.

  • airborne

    I have to say I enjoy your posts Searcher.

    Any JW would be tongue-tied at the door if they were told the scriptures say to be Witnesses of Christ. As we all know they just want to count time and place magazines. Nothing really spiritual is actually going on in the field service.

  • leaving_quietly
    Well, if they really preached the Biblical "good news", that is, Christ, then her statement would be accurate. But, they preach "another sort of good news." (Gal 1:6)
  • Lieu
    They aren't called "witnesses of Christ", so they don't follow his example or even know what he said. Have sympathy for them; they're being misled by usurpers who've killed Christ off for his inheritance.
  • Tenacious

    Good post Searcher. Once the org acknowledges that the r & f need to put their faith in Christ instead of Jehovah, they will no longer be viewed or identified as Jehovah's mouthpiece which in effect takes power away from them.

    To every JW Jehovah is EVERYTHING. Jehovah is their Savior, their Redeemer, their Judge, and ALL the glory belongs to Him.

    I guess Jesus came to suffer, be tortured, be killed, and resurrected to heavenly King of God's Kingdom just to be spit on again by the WTS.

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