UK Could Copy The Kiwi's.

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  • Englishman

    Like New Zealand the UK will shortly hold it's 10 year census.

    Rumour has it that if 10,000 people say they belong to a certain religion, ie "Jedi", then that religion is officially recognised by the State.

    Is it my devious mind, or do I see an opportunity for a bit of fun here?

    Is this the one time that a chain email could be useful?

    And what would get the UK dubs hot under the collar?

    Englishman - minister for Apostates United.


  • shalom

    Hi Englishman!

    We received that email at Census time. The figures are yet to be released on the number of Jedi's in NZ but my guess is that it will be an officially recognised religion soon...I know people that wrote Jedi on their census form. As for me, I put none of your bloody business or something to that effect!!


  • Prisca

    umm.. sorry to throw water on the fire...

    but the Australian Census Board has said that these emails informing of this information are incorrect, and that it would take alot more than just a quantity of people stating "Jedi" to form an official religion. They take into consideration the beliefs, type of worship etc. Despite being a governmental office, the guys aren't complete fools, lol.

    Don't you think these guys would have received these emails in their in-boxes too?

  • ajw

    Um. I'm not sure how badly things get translated by the time they get to Vatican city, but we don't have an Australian Census Board here in Australia.

    Of course it would not surprise me if the New Zealanders (they are not another state of Australia yet) decided to use a Census Board made up of Australians. Then again, perhaps NZ has decided to do a Census in Australia because there are more Kiwis there than on the remote islands.

    Anyway, if you thought the Australians had anything to do with it officially aka federally, I'd suggest the folks to talk to would be the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    Slashdot could well be just taking the mickey out of the sheep-humpers.

    Aussie Andrew sceptical still but sure that Apostates have beliefs, worship etc.

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