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  • sneekyapostate

    I'm wanting to set up a Youtube channel exposing what goes on at meetings and the hypocrisy that goes on. Trouble is I'm not exactly welcome at the meetings if you know what I mean!!! I was wondering if anyone out there in UK or US could let me have a khconf number and pin so I can record parts of the meeting and expose them on the tube. If you can pm me that would be so cool!

    I'm not totally sure how I'll do it yet, I might do it by having running commentary dubbed over the recordings. Cheers in advance.

    Love this site by the way.

  • paradisebeauty
  • GodZoo

    I don't know how you would have the strength to listen to an entire audio stream of a even single whole meeting. Just listening to a few seconds of the clip below causes something inside me to experience a minor death stroke.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Useless idea - because once your recordings were heard, the KH would immediately change the password to block any further abuse. Waste of time, by the looks of it!
  • paradisebeauty

    i find strange the wt study articles where they say how we should feel.

    and tthe q to the public is : how might we feel when ....

    and you have to answer like it's written in the paragraph.

    Like they tell us how we should feel .... very strange ....and inhuman

  • sparrowdown

    The meetings are public, so unless they have a restraining order against you or you are breaking the law no one can physically evict you from the public meeting.

    Do you mean that you are disfellowshipped and not allowed to talk to anyone?

    Because to me that would make sureptitiously recording the meetings easier not harder.

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