what is the latest on the Royal Commission case as of Aug 30?

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  • lettersfromthevoid
    The last video I watched was day 8 part 2 with Geofrey Jackson. Has there been anything else in terms of open session videos?
  • Lemonp

    If you rewatch the final 5min or so of day 8 part 2 you will see McClellan talking to Angus. Angus asks for an extension on submitting his findings (his submission) as it is meant to be 4 weeks from the 2nd, but with GJ testifying a week later he asked for an extension. McClellan says no, so expect Angus' report to be out by the 8th at the latest.

    Check the past cases to see what it looks like, Angus did the submission for Case 25 I think.

  • lettersfromthevoid
  • umbertoecho

    Angus was inundated with real insider information that pissed him off. He would have pressed harder had he had the time....I don't think they made a convert out of him..He may even be called the anti WTBTS....go ahead Angus, go for it.

    You had so many people cheering you on. He is no fool, he was really angry at being deceived.........Do not forget............This commission has two years to go...don't get upset if you hear nothing for awhile...Make yourself very familiar with the transcripts. Remember them save them and then use them, in your refutations. These elders and 1/ 7th of the papacy were lying all along..........Cheer up and be irreverent of men who impose incredible hardship...laugh the bastards off the planet....

  • smiddy

    I would not be surprised if the Royal Commission underestimated the scope of abuse by so many institutions and the feedback they have received from interested parties , not just the J.W.`s

    And if other institutions have inundated the commission with feedback as the J.W`s have , they have a helluva lot on their plate to contend with.


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