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by Joe Grundy 2 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I've been looking again at the coverage of the ARC examination of JW witnesses.

    In particular, watch this again from 1h47m to the end.

    I think I've made this point elsewhere, but you will rarely see this sort of thing happening in courts (maybe outside TV Perry Mason stuff).

    In the context of British/Aussie polite courtroom speak, the witness is accused of lying, his (the WT) lawyer is quick to disassociate himself from the lies, the lawyer offers a consultant's sick certificate, the judge tells him 'that won't help', and Jackson is scheduled for the following week.

    This doesn't happen very often and stripping away the polite courtroom speak is very revealing.

  • Dumplin

    I think the goal of the RC in this segment is to clearly establish that Terrence O'Brien is a liar. But not only is O'Brien a liar, but freeze-frame the video at 1:49:04 and then tell me that those WT lawyers aren't in on this whole lie. Their reaction is very telling. That look is the look of pure guilt...they've been cornered and caught in their deception. Everyone in that courtroom knows as well as the whole world watching this.

    WT is so paranoid of this type of exposure b/c it reveals to everyone that they are fully aware that they are a part of a fake religion. It has been debated often whether the GB knows they are lying or if they really believe their own bs. I submit this as evidence that they do in fact know.

  • umbertoecho

    I loved that moment, I kept replaying it until it really sank in that they were not going to let O'Brien get away with it.....Stewart just ignored his denials and said........." I further submit to you........" something to that effect. I have forgotten the exact words, due to a bout of amnesia lol, but i will read the transcript in all it's wondrous glory and transparency.

    It was a great moment and I hold my metaphoric hat out to them..............

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