help in finding the Kingdom Halls around London

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  • chris_mj_gum18

    Hello. I was just wondering if any brother or sister can help us in finding the locations of Kingdom Halls around the London area & possibly Leeds in UK? A group of sisters & I are planning a trip in the future & we would appreciate knowing the KH so as not to miss any of our regular meetings. Thanks in advance for any info. Also, I realized that the British Museum is a favorite spot among the Witnesses to visit. Would you also be aware of tour groups especially arranged for Witnesses? Thanks again.

  • ZazuWitts

    Hi Chris,

    Just a suggestion: You might check with the branch office of the WTBTS in London. Perhaps they can assist you with your request. Have a lovely trip!

  • somebody

    You might try here or writing them to get addresses before you leave.

    My prayers are for you as you continue to serve the Wathctower Bible and Tract Society Inc.


  • chris_mj_gum18

    thank you for the suggestion. will keep it in mind.

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