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  • nicolaou

    Hi Red'
    so I'm an apostate am I?

    Hurt. Hurt and saddened. But to show you how much I really care, I found this graphic for you

    If you cut&paste this link,

    [take out the **] http://**www.redhorsetech.com/monitor/redhorse.gif

    into your thumbnail URL under 'my profile' you will have a nice looking logo for your messages.


    p.s here's a nice alternative

    . http://communities.msn.co.uk/altJehovahsWitnesses

  • nicolaou
  • RedhorseWoman

    Oops.... Been really busy, and I've had almost no time to check the board. I'm sorry, Nic, I totally missed this. Thanks for the gifs. I'll try editing my profile when I get home tonight and see if I can manage not to mess everything up.

    And, yes, you ARE an apostate. Everyone says so....especially Lori....and I listen to EVERY word she says. She is so spiritual, so christian..... Oh, ack, I think I'm making myself sick.

    Don't feel hurt, Nic. Wear your badge proudly. You're a VERY good apostate.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Well, look at that! It worked! Thanks again, Nic. Obviously, I couldn't wait until I got home.

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