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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Ever feel as if companies or their telephone complaint handlers couldn't care less about your problem? I don't know if it's just me, but in recent times I seem to have had more than my fair share of companies/tradesmen who acted with contempt.

    Admittedly, many of them are given a really hard time by extremely irate customers, but each customer should be treated as an individual.

    I have found that I receive a more focussed & attentive response when I inform the person on the other end of the line that I am recording the call for my personal reference & security. From that point on, I generally receive their full attention and achieve a satisfactory outcome for my complaint. Everyone records customers' calls - simply turning the tables. Another result this morning!

    One of these gadgets and a voice recorder gets the job done.

  • hoser

    A lot of workers don’t give a shit anymore. I think a lot of it has to do with the corporate culture of the organization they work for. If the leaders of the corporation treat their employees with contempt the employees treat the customers in a similar fashion.

  • Giordano

    I have found the opposite.

    Many companies record your call and usually they tell you so. The people who deal with your complaint or question are monitored. It is not unusual to be asked to take a survey after the representative has resolved the problem. If online they will email you a survey that will ask if their representative resolved the problem in a pleasant and professional manner.

    I used to be a tad harsh with people who either couldn't address the issue or help resolve it. Now I keep my tone pleasant and even banter a bit....... make small talk and address the person by name if one was provided. It keeps my blood pressure down and seems to work better with the company rep.

  • Mark B Townsend
    Mark B Townsend

    Hello, am Mark and am new here and I would love to make friends...

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome Mark - good to have you join us.

    Why don't you submit a post and introduce yourself with a little background etc?

  • dubstepped

    Yes Mark, start a "New Topic" and introduce yourself rather than replying this way to other people's discussions. You'll get more interest that way.

  • redvip2000


    I've worked at a helpdesk several years ago, and all calls are recorded. If someone complains about a call, they go back to the call and review it. So if you have a bad experience, you can simply ask for a manager, then complain to him. He will then go and review the call, and follow up with that person.

    BUT, i think what you are saying is that most calls are not bad enough to complain, but the level of helpfulness is tepid at best, and the person sounds uninterested or doing the absolute minimum to help. In this case, telling them you are recording the call is great way to fix that, even if you are not actually recording.

    Probably makes then think this is a test call. Help desks do this all the time, when they call an agent to test their performance.

  • dubstepped

    I can't speak to what you're doing in recording them, though it sounds interesting and I can definitely see why it would work. You're putting them on the spot, you're different so you have their attention, etc.

    As to customer service I agree with you that many just don't care. The ones that do really stand out. I ordered food at a restaurant recently and the lady kept interrupting me and getting things wrong. In the end she got yet another thing wrong and when I explained that I wanted something else she got defensive and nasty. At first I tried to take the blame but when she got nasty I just up and left. In that case I had options. Often when dealing with customer service on the phone you can't just leave. So I like this idea.

  • ShirleyW

    I've found that when I have hung up the phone when someone with an accent I can't understand what they are saying, after I've done that two or three times, the next caller I got someone in America, who said we noticed that this is your third call and I think he said he was a manager, so they are even paying attention to hang ups coming from the same number, Time Warner Cable was the company where this happened.

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