It is unlikely that Jesus invoked God in his teaching

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  • Ireneus

    It is unlikely that Jesus invoked God in his preaching because his best teaching at Mathew 7:12 has no reference of God in it, and the best and biggest illustration which is so clear that more than one interpretation is not possible, found at Mathew 25:31-46, too doesn’t have worship-reference to God, but contains only pure humanism.

    Both the teachings are so obvious to discern from the universe whose main highlight is that it is mostly fine-tuned which lends its the teaching to all who are looking at it: “Fine-tune whatever you do—your thinking, your speech, and your deeds in such a way that it benefits you and others, and then perform it because what you do is the energy you send out and all your experiences are the energy that returns, in which God plays no role at all.”

    Most of the other things must have been attributed to Jesus which have done more of confusion rather than convincing.

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