The garden of eden/brooklyn

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  • stephenw20

    When one looks at the garden of eden so many wonderful parallels can be drawn from it..

    in an organization such as WTBTS, They have anointed themselves as god and we are all adam and eve.

    We provide you with a hope of a paradise here on earth, being associated with us will take care of your needs, come join us. Give to us your devotion and you will prosper, become enriched , live like no other people on earth. You will enjoy a love that no one else has on the face of this earth , a UNITED brotherhood from all the world.
    You will enjoy peace of mind , your family will become one, you will be enriched beyond compare. From every book of our library you may read, for information and to nourish you spiritually. But as for the, books written by other men , you are not to read, not to even consider , for in the day you do you will surely die.

    From our website, read and enjoy our spiritual food ......see all the growth from our brothers around the world.
    But do not roam to any other websites for in the day you do your eyes will be open , and you will know good and bad, you will be born again, you will be like us. and in that day you will die, we will see to it. If you don't die off at first , we will see to it somehow ,someway you will die before you tell more people of your knowledge. The garden of the Watchtower is a glorious garden and we want to keep it that way. It filled with so many wonderful gifts and teachings. We enjoy having OUR garden full with visitors and new ones. Please remember it is OUR garden, you are just visiting, We own the Garden , we can plant different trees in the garden and tell you not to eat from the ones you were accustomed to. From time to time a tree may die off and we will replace it with a new tree , do not be alarmed, this is normal in OUR garden, forour garden is not perfect .and our trees don't last forever. BUt just because our garden is not perfect, doesn't mean you shouldn’t listen to us. Remember , this isOUR garden, WEown it.
    You may be tempted by slithering creatures to see that other information about our gardem or other gardens, pay it no mind, it is death for you , we assure you. There was a story once that a god created this place in Brooklyn where our garden is, but we decided that gave him too much credit , so we put him to work as editor of our magazine. After 70 years he is beginning to get the hang of it. So you have no choice but to listen to us and live as we say , if you want to live in OUR garden. You may hear reports from older ones of how things use to be, pay them no mind,they know of old trees, read the current Watchtowers , they are much better for you.

    Our garden has grown so large as our light gets brighter we must focus on the future , not the past. Our future will bring many more blessings, in OUR garden. Stay inside OUR garden and enjoy the safety. Remember every garden needs to be tended....... and OURS is no different, so even though we OWN the garden, we need help keeping the garden green. Green with money. No garden can exist without up keep and money. So we will continue to OWN the garden and you will pay for the garden upkeep and growth and you will listen to us, while you are in OUR garden. And remember, don let anyone show you pictures of another garden, develop an idea you might like garden of your own. YOu all don’t know how to garden, only we do. But we will let you do the planting work, in OUR garden. When it comes to harvesting, we will do that , we always tend to the green issues ourselves, only certain ones, after all have that special skill. If you ever have questions about gardening , ask a qualified gardener, he will; answer you. His answer will be from US, which is to say from the OWnERS of the garden you li e in, so listen n to him. If you don't listen to the gardener, recall what happens to those who consider other books, or other websites. this will be your fate to. Now we have saved the best for last. We could say we planted OUR garden to grow and multiply, but that is not really true. We certainly are interested in GREENERY too but we don't do it for that reason either. We do this planting in OUR garden because we love you, our loyal planters. We hope you love us to and will continue to help us with these issues, especially the ones we need help with like the greenery ones.

  • patio34

    Great story! And don't forget the oft-quoted "to the making of books there is no end, and devotion to them is wearisome . . . blah, blah, blah.

    Except of course THEIR books . . . and magazines. . . and brochures. . . videos. . . ad nauseum.



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