Valentine's Day

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  • YellowLab

    So what are all of you doing for Valentine's Day this year? It sure is nice to have one day where you can celebrate your spouse, bf/gf, or significant other. But the WTS will have none of that! I remember getting sent home from grade school on Valentine's Day, to "protect" me from this evil pagan holiday. I never was able to make hearts from red construction paper.

    Perhaps they fear the brothers and sisters would experiment with questionable things in the bedroom?


  • sndy420

    Our 3 year old turns 4 on Feb.15 so since we are really starting to get into these holiday things , her party on Saturday has a Valentines theme. I have always loved the holidays ( I wasn't always a witness ) and I am just easing my way back in.....

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    On Valentines day 2003, I will be *gasp* 32 years old! In addition to celebrating my birthday, I'll also spend yet another Valentines day with my wonderful husband.

    Having never been a JW, I've always celebrated both days! (If you're wondering why in the world this non-JW is here posting, you can find out here: I can't believe that worked!

    Sndy420-Happy Birthday to your little one! Now for a little unsolicited advice from someone who knows... My birthday is February 14th, and as I got older it became very important to me that the two days (VD and BD) be celebrated in a somewhat separate fashion. Whenever a birthday is shared with a traditional holiday, I think it's important to give the two days separate significance within the family. My parents always made it a point (and still do) to recognize both occasions on that day. (As a joke, my Dad always goes out and finds the one "Valentines Day Birthday" card Hallmark makes every year). My husband has always been good at that! I get roses and chocolates and wined and dined and romanced and get to blow out my candles on 2/14, and then he picks at least one random day throughout the year to do the same thing as a special "birthday" surprise. If you're going to celebrate birthdays and holidays, you might as well do them up right!

    On a more or less unrelated note, I remember when my son was about 4, and we were in the grocery store the first week in February. He asked me what Valentine's Day was, and I told him it was a day to spend with someone you love very much. I remember him thinking about it for a moment and then saying "Mom, can I spend Valentines day with you?". Still makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  • Vivamus

    I remember getting DF'd on February 14th, 2002.


  • Valis

    Don't forget to send your lover/s a naughty valentines from this site..

    Its free and the pics are hot!

    And a brief history of Valentines Day for you history freaks..


    District Overbeer

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