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    Angels and Companions: April 2000
    A personal view by Sondra Dundon

    'I find it very flattering to think that anyone would think that I have an expertise in Angels, so I thought I'd wing it!' quips Caroline in her opening.

    She spoke briefly about the sacred contracts that we make before incarnating and how our angels are there to make sure we are on time to meet our contracts. There are pauses, moments before we act or are in judgement, where we can choose our response to the world. The voice in these pauses isn't just our conscience, it's our Angels intervening. She urged us to follow that voice; 'The riskiest thing you do is the best. Never want to live the life of an ordinary mortal, it doesn't pay dividends.'

    Caroline told some angel stories. Her first story was a personal one. Years ago there was a lot of effort made to end the Cold War by ordinary people. Small groups of Americans would meet with their Soviet counterparts. Somehow Caroline ended up in a meeting with Soviet astronomers. This happened during the days of perestroika; there was a lot of tension. The Americans and Soviets were seated next to each other. Caroline was intrigued and she went to sit next to a very nervous (but good-looking!) Russian astronomer named Igor. The subject of the meeting was extra-terrestrial life. At one point, Caroline leaned over and asked Igor 'Do you see anything out there?' 'No,' he said, 'there is no proof,' he stated flatly. Then, cautiously, he asked, 'Did you?' ' Oh, yeah, ' she drawled casually, enjoying herself enormously. He asked, 'What kind of proof?' 'You know, proof,' Caroline replied. Igor tried to solicit more information. 'I'll tell you what kind of proof,' she said, 'there are angels out there!' He didn't understand the word 'angels', so he said, 'What?' 'Angels,' she whispered. The poor scientist was nonplussed, but curious, so they continued to talk about angels, whispering head-to-head. Risking his life & freedom, Igor went to Caroline's hotel to read some of her books about angels and a deep friendship began. Years later, Caroline found out that when his daughter was born, Igor and his wife prayed that an angel would watch over her, even though they could never talk to her about it due to the political climate. Now, they talk to her about angels all the time!

    During that same visit, Caroline was invited to give a talk to a group of Soviet scientists, speaking as an American psychic. Spirituality and religion were forbidden at the time, but psychics could address a realm that people were thirsty for. The group she spoke to were extremely defensive and competitive; in a Cold War psychically as well as politically! They asked her to do a public reading. She refused, but said she would do a private reading on each of them. She did a reading on a man who was dying of cancer. Caroline told her interpreter to interpret this as carefully as she could. The man said to her, 'I know I'm dying, but I want you to tell me, will someone meet me there, will my angel be there?' Caroline was incredibly touched to see a soul that was so calm in dying as long as he knew that someone was waiting for him.

    Caroline talked about what angels are to her. Angels are taskmasters, they are not therapists. They are here to manage our potential; to maximise the growth of our spirits. They intervene at crossroads in our lives. Her concept of the angelic world is we have our personal angel, then a group of 'blue collar' worker angels, then the angels of the realms of consciousness (Healing, Peace, Evolution, etc.) and then the hierarchy of angels (archangels and the like.) She urged us to read the Scriptures if we want to know how angels work. In the Bible, no one argued with angels! It's not a romantic relationship; it's a working relationship.

    In theology, in the natural law, there are truths that we are born knowing. It is our nature to change dramatically through a lifetime as we discover these truths. Because humans are so scared of change, we are both drawn to, and repelled by these truths. 'We want to observe consciousness, but we do not want to undergo the transformation to get there.' We are happy to finance other people's transformation! If we come too close to this thing called transformation, then we will get it. Angels are transformation guides. We either have to choose total transformation or not; it's not a question of picking and choosing what parts of ourselves we want transformed. As we enter this new era of consciousness, we are to establish a co-creative relationship with angels. When you want a clear connection with angels you have to earn it; it's not something you can 'get' in a week-long workshop.

    Caroline asked a tough question. 'Are you willing to follow your guidance? That is the only question you need to answer.' The reason people do not develop a clear, intuitive channel is because people are afraid. Guidance will come into your life whether you want it or not. If you don't want it, it will incarnate into the shadow of your life. We can choose to take the wisdom path or the path of painful lessons.

    She went on to talk about Easter. Easter represents ascension to a higher level of consciousness; the Christ consciousness that resonates with the Angelic realm. It's an initiatory time. If we want this consciousness, we must follow our guidance unconditionally. In moments when nothing makes sense, the thing to do is to choose the thing that makes the least sense. Angels speak God's logic, not human logic. It doesn't matter what we choose, it's the reasons why we make the choices we do that matters. Angel guides are there to help us to stop and think about our choices. Stand still, be still and learn to feel your connection to your angels.

    While she was teaching her early intuition workshops, Caroline realised that guidance comes easily to all of us. We are becoming vessels for angelic occupations. What matters is whether or not we are courageous enough. Her intuitive knowledge comes through the angelic realm. Our lives will change dramatically when guidance is coming through. When our lives become a mess is when the angels are the closest!

    Caroline related the story of the crucifixion to the choices we make in following our guidance. When Jesus said that he really didn't want to go through with what God had in mind, we are shown that we always have choice. The ultimate choice is to give up choice. Thy will, not mine. When you invoke & follow guidance, your physical world has to change. Betrayal means that it's time to leave a person or situation. Guidance may require an act of humiliation, akin to Pontius Pilate's flogging of Jesus.

    Caroline urged us to think of ourselves as baby alchemists; melting the lead of the ego into the gold of spirit. Her rule of thumb is that if guidance is a way for us to maintain control of our lives, then we've made it up!

    She went on to tell the story of how she learned that every creative project has its own angelic team. Back in 1987, she developed a severe case of mononucleosis during the writing of a book. She was writing 15-16 hours a day. The book was not going anywhere; she was completely blocked and she couldn't heal. Desperate to finish the book, she went to a healer recommended by her friend, Sally. The healer refused to help her; he told her that she needed to pray. Caroline was in a rage. Sally spoke to the healer later & found out that he had 'seen' a huge angel walking around Caroline that told him not to touch her. Much later, it was discovered that this healer had been sexually abusing his clients. Caroline's angels had protected her from the healer. At that point, Caroline decided she was going to trust that whatever happened in her life, everything happens as it should.

    Her last story is one of her favorites. She was at a healing centre in Mexico giving a workshop. While she was out on her piazza, she noticed a woman next door, sitting in a wheelchair. The woman said to her 'You're wondering how I can handle my life in this chair.' Caroline said, ' You caught me!' The woman, whose name is Ruth, invited Caroline over and told her the story of her life. Ruth was widowed at 38 and became manipulative and grasping because of her fears. She had two daughters; one of them joined a Buddhist monastery. Ruth used to harangue her mercilessly about joining this 'cult'. One day the daughter challenged Ruth. Ruth accused her daughter of being on drugs. When her daughter said yes, she had tried drugs, Ruth said, 'Get me some!' Ruth took LSD and had an out-of-body experience and met her angel. The angel said to her, 'Ruthie, Ruthie, do you know how hard it is to be your angel?' The angel told her that she looks like she is all wrapped up in rubber bands, unable to move and unable to hear her angel because of all her fears. The angel gave her a pair of scissors and Ruth cut off all the rubber bands. The angel then took Ruth on a flight to show her what her future would be like; that she would spend the last 15 years of her life in a wheelchair, in the gift of the wheelchair. Ruth asked why the wheelchair was a gift. The angel answered, and said that Ruth needed to learn to move her spirit more than her body; to learn how to send her spirit on missions to help other people. The angel said that it would be there to help her, that it would be there every day. Ruth contracted to meet with her angel at a particular time each day. Ruth said to Caroline, 'I was crippled before but not now.' Caroline was very moved by this story, because she looked at Ruth and knew Ruth was a true healer. Ruth is now about 83, but she has no sense of age because she spends so much time in the angelic realm.

    Caroline concluded with more inspiration. The presence of angels in our lives is not a gift; it's a given. All it takes is our devotion and courage. When the angels say, 'OK, let's work out a partnership,' you have to do an apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is all about whether or not you will listen, take guidance, and make the choice that is told to you. Then you need to let your world change to let the angelic energy fit into it, more than your psyche. That's it, that's everything.

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