Check out a new one for Silentlambs..............

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  • manicmama

    There is a new one for Silentlambs to check out in the Cabool congregation of SE Missouri. The 2 young victims mentioned in the article are his 2 step children, I have no idea whether or not the wife and children are still in the home but he is under house arrest. How would you like that....sentenced to house arrest with your rapist?? How do these elders sleep??? Check out the link at, right now it is the front page story!

  • outnfree

    Just read the story and the links to the "slip decision" and the law.
    The Society is going to try to make this into a test case and will, no doubt, defend the minister-communicant confidentiality all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

    I am thinking that the two elders are likely having nightmares. They will become infamous if they lose. In fact, they are already becoming infamous in the eyes of many. This man allegedly CONFESSED his crimes to these men. If that's true, they KNOW he's guilty, yet they are powerless, now that the Society has stepped in to make an issue of it, to help put this criminal behind bars!
    Or ARE THEY? POWERLESS, I mean? Or could they STOP THE EVIL BEING PERPETRATED within the Society ON INNOCENT CHILDREN by bucking the Society, leaving it behind and suffering the disfellowshipping that will result for the greater good of all Witness babies? Be heroes like Silentlambs? Keep their INTEGRITY to the loving God they serve by being willing to be reviled themselves in order to exercise lovingkindness towards the sheep they serve? Not allow Jehovah's name to be SULLIED so that the Organization can be protected? Rather be CHRISTIAN MEN, EXAMPLES TO THE FLOCK, willing to suffer the ostracism they may have doled out to others, for the sake of the ones Jesus' described as closest to the Kingdom?
    In other words:
    TAKE A STAND FOR THE TRUTH -- no matter the cost?
    Are you up to it, Brothers Bloom and Graham?


    A man must not swallow more beliefs than he can digest.
    -- Havelock Ellis

  • stephenw20


    Thanks for the post.

    this is however for everyone to get involved with, that has a concern,

    not just silentlambs


  • ZazuWitts


    Thanks for posting this!

    Well, I will be busy today sending the newspaper article to all legislators in my state. They are the people who have the power to change state law re protecting 'churches' under the freedom of religion statutes.

  • silentlambs

    thaks for the update, i have forwarded this to resources who may find this quit useful. it is amazing the timing of these events, how do you think the wt will spin this? let's see, satan is attacking God's organization by not allowing them to protect child molesters.
    a tough spin don't you think?

  • willy_think

    to all active JWs,

    get out there and sell sell sell!! this is going to be expensive.

    praise be to jehovah! for the fine righteous layers.

    praise be to the WTB&TS inc. without whom we would not know the right thing to do.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • metatron


    If true, the Society's decision to fight is fantastic
    because it would squarely expose them to ridicule
    and bad press, associating them with legally covering up
    child abuse, even in the eyes of authorities. I
    have believed for some time that the Watchtower is quite
    capable of making some huge mistake, generated out of their
    own arrogance. I certainly hope they think themselves
    invincible as that attitude will prove to be their undoing.
    They've made stupid decisions before and gotten away with
    it - but THAT WAS BEFORE THE INTERNET! Imagine what would
    have likely happened if the Internet had been in existence
    in 1975! I believe the internet has put a brake on the
    Society's activities and will gradually hamstring them
    as time goes on.

    metatron (I love "damned if you do, damned if you don't"
    when it applies to them.)

  • Tina

    Hi manic, Thanks for the link! regards,Tina

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