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  • silentlambs

    the following is an emal i recently sent to "friend", as it has now been several days with no response i thought i would share it with the rest of you and see how you would respond if you were sent this email.

    i thought i would touch bases to let you know we are pressing on with the cause for protecting children. many more continue to come forward and add their names to the list. we now have a website that says more than i can ever say. www.silentlambs.org

    so many victims so many sad stories, are you sure no one you know wants to lift even a little finger to help the children? you may remember a wt article from long ago that basically states if you know of wrongdoing and refuse to reveal the matter or do anything about it, you share in the sin. do you see any relation between knowing of children being hurt yet refusing to help them be protected? you may also recall lev. 20:4,5 persons who hide their eyes from chidren being sacrificed will experience judgement from Jehovah. for these reasons i feel compelled to keep this matter moving toward correction of wt policy. no other agenda lay before me, yet how can i know the truth and not do anything. i have to marvel at men such as you and your friends who can sit back and do nothing, how do you sleep at night? when you speak before your brothers and sisters do you feel no pain of conscience? where are the men who care? where are the good people i always believed when push came to shove would do right by the friends?

    ask yourself, since when is it ok to support something wicked just because what is right is not exactly the way you see it?

    i am sad tonight, sad for you, and men like you who share in the sin while making excuses for your inaction. i do not believe you will have Jehovah's blessing till you do right by the children, it is Jehovah's way to protect widows and orphans, the little ones, until you brothers come to comprehend that, may Jehovah help you to understand the suffering of so many that are hurt as a result of your inaction.

  • LoneWolf

    Hello, silentlambs,

    Peace to you. There would be many different reactions to that, depending upon the individuals situation.

    Many are frightened and don't do anything due to that fright, and that tears them apart on the inside. They come to hate themselves and some have even committed suicide over such things.

    Others would be saddened, as they are engaged in strenuous efforts behind the scenes to correct such matters, but cannot speak of them openly without risking their success.

    Still others, like myself, have spoken out and risked everything, gotten disfellowshipped, lost portions of our families and most of our friends, etc., only to see such conditions continue. That, and your words, breed feelings of frustration and futility, for we are doing all we can.

    But my initial reaction is why limit it to the children? What about the widows and young mothers who find themselves in desperate circumstances and who don't have the fangs that I do to keep those numbskulls at bay? What about the elderly folks who have put in half a century or more doing what they thought was serving God only to come to the horrifying conclusion in the twilight of life that it had all been for nothing?

    I know your feelings, but sometimes such problems can only be chipped away over a period of time as they are so well entrenched. Don't get down on yourself or others due to the appearance that nothing is being done. That only reduces your (and others) effectiveness and drains your energy so that eventually you will give up. Pace yourself and husband those precious reserves so that you will last. Always, continually without letup look for ways and means that are more effective.

    Above all, keep your chin up.

    Alias: Tom Howell

  • Frenchy

    Very well put, Tom.
    You can be certain that 'friend' is waging his battles with himself and that the choices he's making are taking their toll on him just like our own choices have taken their toll on us.
    I don't believe that 'friend' can be accused of perpetuating the system which has caused so much pain and suffering. He is a victim of it. Perhaps he sees the good and hopes that the bad will be weeded out eventually. I don't know his mind on the matter but I know that he is concerned and therefore must be troubled by it all.
    I admire what you are doing. You put it on the line and you will pay a heavy price for what you are doing but you will also gain a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that you did all you could. Take Tom's advice and pace yourself. Let 1975 and the 'generation' change be a lesson to us all, this is going to go on for a long time...longer than us. My best to you.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • Tina

    Greetings Sl,
    It is disheartening when ones in the org. remain silent about such abominable behavior.
    Evryday they remain silent shows tacit approval of such heinous wts policy.
    Those sitting on their hands will share the guilt of this......
    Wishing you continued strength and courage as you fight the good fight sl,sincerely,Tina

  • outnfree

    Dear Silentlambs:

    I would hope my reaction would be similar to the one I urged on Brothers Graham and Bloom in the thread "Check out a new one for Silentlambs...".

    Let's hope and pray that "Friend" is praying over the matter, gathering up his courage to take the fine, honest, and loving stand that you have in this matter, silentlambs.

    You ARE a hero!


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