Could David and Solomon just be a retelling or a parallel to the gods?

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  • Crazyguy

    Its interesting to find out that there is no record of David and Solomon anywhere out side of the bible. What I have found has left me wondering what and who the story of David and Solomon is really about. For example, David was a warrior king, had many battles, killed many people. He was also someone that couldn't control his sexual desires. He was symbolized as a Lion and even had a star for him known as the star of David.

    I am wondering if this character could be a re-telling or a parallel to the Goddess Innana? Innana was also known as Ishtar and Asherah. In Egypt there was a Stella depicting three female gods as one, the goddesses Qadesh- Anat and Ishtar. These goddesses were interchangeable pretty much one in the same depending on what pantheon and time period your looking at. Astarte is also one of the names of this Goddess and notice her descriptions and how they parallel David. Goddess of War and Sex her symbol was that of a Lion and she was equated with a Evening Star. All these female gods had this description so could it be?

    Could it be that if one studies the gods they could find similarities with that of Solomon? For example Solomon was described and the wisest in the land, well the Gods Enki and Thot were also described in the same way. Could we find more parallel's that would describe a god to be almost and exact copy of Solomon? Could it be that these stories were just a symbolic representation of a god?

  • Vidiot

    Wouldn't be the first time an older myth found it's way into the OT.

    And Christianity certainly didn't have a monopoly on cribbing other cultures' ideas, either.

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