Child Sex Abuse in The Jesus people cult

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  • LisaRose

    Interesting article about a small religious cult in Chicago. A man who grew up in the cult and suffered abuse set about to make a documentary about the religion. He didn't set out to make it about sex abuse, but in interviewing people he found out a lot of people had been molested as well. He was isolated and shunned for making an accusation.

    Interesting in the comments section some people are still trying to minimize the abuse and pretend he was exaggerating. It seems to be like the JWs, if it didn't happen to you, it couldn't have happened to anyone else.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Just happened to read one line ..

    “Guys would stand up and confess to masturbation, or a visit to the porn shop,” says Chris Harold, a former member who joined the commune in 1986. “It was so humiliating. You would just sit there and think, I never want to have to do that.”

    This was my number one terror - getting caught at this....

    anyway, no wonder the watchtower didn't want JW's investigating anything outside... with information like this, I'm starting to learn that the life we were living as JW's was not a unique one.. there was a particular format to a cult, claiming to be the happiest people, only us having the truth, the end of the world soon, and lots of other minor details, I thought we were right because our way of life was 'different' but it turns out it wasn't so different at all, we just weren't allowed to know what was going on in the real world, but i bet the GB knew..

    thanks for posting LisaRose


  • flipper
    This is an important topic regarding child abuse needing to be bumped up. The similarities that are in some of these cults are amazing concerning the hiding of child abuse. It's a crime happening in our society way too much which needs to stop and society in general needs to make people more aware of it to help victims. This man was really brave in exposing this within the Jesus cult. Thanks for posting this Lisa

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