Come on. Why snakes?

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  • qwerty

    Come on why? I don't mind them! But....

    Venomous snakes, spiders...... Death maybe or major problems to whoever gets on the wrong side of one.

    Here I sit watching TV.....Steve Irwin on deadly snakes.

    What kind of snake did satan use to talk to Adam & Eve?

    Why create deadly snakes?
    Were there deadly snakes in the beginning?
    Did Satan have is time to shape them?

    When our God created (sorry athiests posters, I can not believe in no creator) animals and man was to live forever in Paradise, my idea
    of paradise is not to have dangerous animals around.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Jehovah, Y H W H, Jesus, should not have created these creatures. I just have difficult time understaning and wondering and thinking! Especially after a glass of whisky...LOL!

  • RedhorseWoman

    Efficiency, my deal Qwerty. Why waste a lot of time trying to overpower your next meal when you can simply strike quickly and be done with it.

    Snakes don't seek out people. People invade snakes' territories. The poor creatures are just trying to defend themselves from something they are sure wants to eat them.

    In the New System, these venomous snakes will spend their time killing apples.

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    I understand a snake's place in the food cycle more than some other critters I could think of. Like slugs and jellyfish...

    some guy sent me a photo of an anaconda with a man in its cut-open belly. It seems he was a construction worker on a road crew who decided to take a nap under a tree after lunch one day. OOPS! bad choice...

    Now I have to go giggle at the notion of our pretty pink red-eyed pet snake constricting and devouring an apple... thanks a LOT RWH...and I thought a mouse left a big lump, yeesh...

  • joelbear

    I don't like spiders and snakes
    and that ain't what it takes
    to love me
    like i wanna be loved by you


    personally, I love all snakes, have kept them for years..
    they are beautiful and mostly peacfull.

    Its flies I can't stand, cannot for the life of me immagine what usefull purpose they serve - a food source for lizards and toads perhaps but otherwise totally abhorent creatures !

  • RedhorseWoman

    While I'm not particularly fond of flies....especially horseflies and faceflies.....their offspring--i.e. maggots--serve a purpose by assisting in the process of decomposition. The circle of life....ain't it grand?

  • Undecided


    I just saw on TV that snakes cause 100,000 deaths each year, the most of any creature on earth, but I have seen before that mosquitoes cause many more than that, something close to 1 of every 10 deaths.

    I can handle snakes, but those mosquitoes get the best of me(I must taste good to them.) Nature is so kind and lovely...Not.

    Ken P.

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