Musing About JW-Watchtower Legal Problems Attorneys Deal With. Funny Stories and Not So Funny.

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    Writer laments the JW who is selling Amway, Herbalife and other MLM products he's sick of!

    ". Or throwing up links to some third-party, membership-based website that allegedly has some new and exciting information that you must have right now! Or, even better, gets in the group and starts knocking on people’s doors by sending them emails on the sly to try and get them to hit some pay to play event.

    Jehovah’s Witness guy shows up at a networking event…not to, you know, network…as much as he’s there to “pitch”. He wants to make absolutely sure that you know about the product he’s hawking. He has to be certain that every. single. person. in the room. has heard his shpiel…whether that’s by circling the group like some half-witted shark looking for even slower-witted prey or just by using his “outside voice” so that people in the private rooms out back don’t miss this golden opportunity."

    Winning a custody case against a Jehovah witness father? back to court

    Can jehovah's witnesses be stopped from preaching in HUD operated apartments?

    "don't have any details to add

    Manager says they are owned and operated by local church and uses no soliciting. According to Internet they are owned by a corporation and use a management co for employee's. And they are a section 202 facility . I just found out that because it's a public building it has to have a board. All the board members and the manager all go to the same church, the one that helped get the apartment built years ago. All we are wanting to do is go in from time to time and go door to door like we do at homes. Some of the tenants would welcome our visits but are afraid it could affect their living privileges."

    Centerville, TN | on Apr 22

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    Has your wife or family member appointed a KIngdom Hall elder as P.O.A over your wife?

    My wife appointed a fellow church member power of attorney ( Jehovah witness)

    Naturalization and the Modified Oath for Jehovah's Witnesses

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