Healing and meaning

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  • Introspection

    The following is by Dean Ornish, no doubt many have heard of him, he's the MD who has the program for reversing heart disease. I thought many of us would be able to relate to these words:

    "For me the epidemic in our culture is not only physical heart disease but also emotional and spiritual heart disease. Think of how loneliness, isolation, and depression are so common, with the breakdown of the social networks that used to give us a sense of connection and community. This is where the suffering is the deepest and the healing the most profound. . .

    "Healing is something that occurs in the spirit, a healing of the isolation that separates us from each other and our nature. We can make our world either a heaven or a hell; those who see the spirit in themselves and each other make the world a heaven. They discover how suffering can be a doorway for transforming their lives in ways that ultimately can make them not only healthier but also more meaningful."

  • stephenw20

    Man has done a lot to injur himself

    and as a group we deny the power of our spirit and what it can do......

    good post Intro!

  • ZazuWitts

    Hi Intro,

    Excellent thoughts within your post.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • SPAZnik

    Very nice, Intro.

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