Don't call me uncle, you don't know me....

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    OK this what took place yesterday and it so strange.

    Like most of you here my family have been devastated by the cult, half

    in the cult and half never a JW. The half that never were JW's knows very well

    about the shunning.

    So yesterday my oldest sister best friend at the City of Hope hospital and she noticed

    the name tag of one of the nurse, my sister maiden name.

    So my sister friend asked, do you know Miss xxx (my sister)?

    Nurse: yes she is my aunt.

    sf: Oh! I know your family well, so james(me) is your uncle?

    nurse: yes he is my uncle james.

    sf: so how is he doing?

    nurse: he is doing great.

    My sister friend know all about the shunning of me over the years and how it has damaged

    our family. It's been 27 years of shunning and since then I have great nephews , great nieces,

    nephews and nieces I have never met and the majority we all live in the same area.

    If this nurse(my niece by marriage) was standing behind me in line in the super market i would have

    no idea who she was, I have never met her and they have been married for over 15 years.

    My sister friend called my sister after returning from the hospital and told her, these people are sick.

    She knows all to well about the cult...

    I guess one positive outcome of this, they have heard of me..LOL

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