Watchtower falling on own sword

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  • poopie
    Todays wt para 1-3 shows how Jehovah can use so called worldly person to help his people with food and lodging instresting the royal comission may actually help get rid of things Jw practice that are unscriptual.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Well, a Catholic monk gave them the name "Jehovah", and one of Christendom's Bible scholars gave them the "new light" that the evil slave is hypothetical, and it neither doesn't, nor will ever exist.

    Thank you so much Babylon the Great, for providing us with these so-called Bible "truths"!

    The present mob in Brooklyn merely imitates old Charles T. Russell's practice of plagiarising ideas from other religions within Christendom.

  • punkofnice
    Sounds to me like all they're saying is: use everyone for your gain and give nothing back. Their holinesses the watchtower rock star popes AKA Governing body only seek their own selfish luxury.
  • naazira
    Reminds me of how the Mormons lifted their ban on black people, when the government pressured them. Then out of thin air Voila, a new revelation from God to the Mormons' prophet that says it's time to allow blacks full membership in 1975!!!!!. If the governing body for some reason changes doctine, because of the court all credit will be given to Jehovah.
  • truthlover

    I could not believe what they used as an example -- ever hear of "stranger danger"... sure she knew the schoolmate, but really, go to stay with people she did not know in todays world???? I thought that highly stupid...

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