Mystery vs. Mastery

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  • Introspection

    Just thought I share something interesting I read recently, this is by Rachel Naomi Remen, a MD that has worked in the field of mind-body medicine:

    "The mind has its limitations. When we are mentally identified, we have a tendancy to deny that which cannot be understood. But much of what can be experienced and known can never be understood. In valuing the rational as much as we do, we suffer from a culture-wide tendancy to rejet mystery, to ignore the spiritual dimensions of life, or to delegate spirit to others who we believe are better equipped to deal with it. It is our deepest nature. There is no situation that is not a spiritual situation, no decision that is not a spiritual decision, no relationship that does not have a spiritual basis. All life is sacred. Life itself may serve some unknown purpose in which we all participate, knowing or unknowing."

  • Prisca

    Verrry interesting. I believe there is much we don't know about, regarding link between the conscious and unconscious mind.

  • outnfree

    Y'know I think loving someone falls into the category of something "experienced and known" but never understood. Sure, there are things ABOUT someone that you can love -- mind, likes, physique, etc. But you could find others with those same traits and not love them in the same way at all. I don't know why I love my husband, I just do. (Of course it helps that he loves me, too, knowing as I do how difficult that can be!)

    As for relegating the spiritual to others "who we believe are better equipped to deal with it" -- isn't that the problem with the Witnesses? They rope you in with their 'knowledge' and then subtly brainwash you into thinking that you are not up to understanding the 'great spiritual truths' the GB pronounces.

    I am still SO confused. But I don't wand to delegate the spiritual dimensions of my life to ANYONE any more.

    Thanks for sharing, 'Spec.


  • stephenw20


    your diving right into the mystery..........

    the mystery for those who live it is where the state of bliss comes from....highs that are ridicualous........there are still lows at times......but going with the mystery just says to god.."ok, I am yours, I am not affraid.... "
    This is a big statement...because as the "prayer" thread indicates...... this is real stuff not to be taken lightly.....there are no bounds here.

    When you adopt mystery , you may be married with children ,succesful in career, and then you find this part of you that emergers to direct your life....and the former parts dont fit real well. They react as if you have lost your mind or as most can if you have become a JW. This mystery is not a longer lunch or a book on a shelf... its lived daily.....and changes your life

    "All of life is sacred"........ each breath that god breathed, into Adam , the earth and us.......all sacred........yet many have a real fear of God, of being mamed , hurt beyond repair.

    its interesting...this is so fear the one with the gift......

    "Life itself may serve some unknown purpose in which we all participate, knowing or unknowing."

    yes and this begs the question......... can you predetermine the movemnet of 6 billion people with free will? where does prophecy or the big picture stop..........

    we point to old testament propechies many were involved(with free will) to make them happen....what of the ones still not fulfilled......... how many are invloved to make a prophecy come to fulfillment......

    ah the mystery....SPIRITUAL MADNESS!

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